This is a great trail if you want to do a quick hike and be on your merry way. It's an easy trail but you can add some challenge by incorporating the summit trail or taking some of the alternate paths that have some incline. Parking is limited at the trailhead and there are no restrooms.

Decent trail, make sure to wear correct hiking shoes

I'm an almost 55 year old overweight lady with bad knees from sports throughout my life, so I really like the 308 trail. Getting my heart rate pumping and is about a 1.75 mile hike with moderate up climbs. Hoping to be back to a total healthy lifestyle by the end of 2017.

1 month ago

I'm learning more and more as I hike the trails of Phoenix that what is considered easy is not so much. I agree with a lot of the reviews here that the trail 308 is not easy to follow. There were a few times the trail post and arrows had what appeared to be more than one option. Thankfully I chose the right ones. I was out on a Thursday afternoon between 2-3, and I was alone. Alone as in by myself and no other hikers around. Several parts of the trail were enough that I'm glad I didn't twist an ankle or fall and hurt myself as I would have been on the evening news for a rescue. AllTrails says 2.2 but my tracker said 3 miles and I was out just under an hour. Beautiful, breathtaking views. Not a trail I'll do again unless with a friend. Too isolating to risk injury. Also not a casual day hike for those who are just average hikers.

It's an easy trail to finish. Combine with the summit and it's a great workout

I love this trail. Did it for years and moved further away. Went back today to do the circumference as well as the summit. It is a combination of easy and moderate difficult. I will return again soon.