It's an easy trail to finish. Combine with the summit and it's a great workout

I love this trail. Did it for years and moved further away. Went back today to do the circumference as well as the summit. It is a combination of easy and moderate difficult. I will return again soon.

Nice morning hike - did circumference trail. Not real busy, so I'll definitely do it again! Going to do the summit next time.

rock climbing
20 days ago

The one thing I didn't like about the circumference trail is that the "official" loop trail was difficult to stay on. I turned around halfway because I hit a fork in the trail and couldn't figure out which of the 3 paths in front of me I should take. Overall it was a good time with my dog, just wish it was marked better!

hey, that's pretty good

Beautiful hike! Steep, but not too challenging

Easy hike in a nice park. Add in the summit trail for a better outing.

Fun little hike in the city. Hiked the summit and circumference in one go. The top portion of the summit is a bit sketchy, but not that bad. Living in one of the surrounding neighborhoods must be great!

It's easy and it's close to where I love.

First Hike. This was fun, and the view from the top was beautiful.

i did the summit hike, it is a little steep and once you get closer to the summit i found it hard to see the trail. i had to stop and let someone go ahead of me so i knew where to go. overall easy hike with a great view. convenient because i live 5 minutes away as well!
definitely try it out!

Love this mountain. So convenient to get a run in before or after work. Great set of trails depending on how long you want to go too.

little tough with my Yorkie

Easy breezy. Literally. Quick sunset hike, great views, fairly quiet trail. 16th St, south of Greenway Parkway. Get it.

Love this mountain.. Can do easy or moderate or hard. A great workout, do all the peaks or a more relaxed walk around the circumference. I do different trails every time I go, so I never get bored. Trails do have a lot of rocks, but just enjoy walking around the park. Average 2.5 - 4 miles each time dependent on if I go up or around. Usually an hour.