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Lake Mead NRA offers year-round recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, photography, picnicking and sightseeing. It is also home to thousands of desert plants and animals, adapted to survive where rain is scarce and temperatures can soar.

this is an easy hike we did the whole thing we parked at the Alan Bible Visitor Center and it was about round-trip 6 miles bring your camera amazing pictures to take. you can't get lost it's very easy. I would say it's fine for kids strollers dogs

Not super challenging but nice views and dog friendly. My little 10 lb baby loved it.

We had read reviews prior to heading out on this hike and wanted to clear up some details that were lacking or misrepresented. First, the trail head is located on the Nevada side of the Hoover Dam. If you are coming from Las Vegas/Henderson, take exit 2 off I93 BEFORE you cross the Pat Tillman Bridge. At the end of the exit ramp, make a right at the stop sign and go down the hill into a dirt parking lot where you will most likely see other cars and eventually the trail head sign. If you accidentally go over the bridge into Arizona, simply take the first exit (also exit 2) and get back onto I93 north to come back over the bridge and then as you come off the exit ramp, turn left at the stop sign go under the underpass and then straight down the hill into the parking lot.

The first part of the trail is a long meandering walk with a relative downhill through a dry riverbed like area. There is a mixture of gravel and rock so it's like hiking through dense sand in places. I recommend wearing hiking boots/shoes with good socks and put your water shoes in your backpack for later. There is an area where some old car parts are buried into the rock and hanging on the edge of the hill, but its not the car graveyard another review suggested. About 45 minutes to an hour into the hike you begin to get to the larger rocks where you will work your way down via ropes, slides or in some cases jumping. There are often multiple routes down so good to check the different routes prior to choosing based on what you feel most comfortable with. I am 5'6" and was thankful to have long legs for some parts of this hike. There were definitely a lot of children on the hike, and they did it, but not without help. About 75-90 minutes into the hike you come to the first pool. It is very small and if you are thinking the hot springs of Colorado or pools of Hawaii, change your outlook. The water is hot though and people were taking a dip. My personal preference would not be to sit in the water. As you continue to hike down you get into the more technical parts of the climb with ropes and larger boulders and drops to navigate. It was not difficult for us, but you should take your time. When there are a lot of people on the trail, courtesy is 1 up 1 down. In some places we got held up quite some time as people just kept coming up in a large group instead of allowing for a shared system and faster pace hikers to move through. Nonetheless, you come down to the larger pools where indeed people were sitting and soaking. The rocks do start to get wet and you need to be careful of moss covered places as you hike so you don't slip. And then, you finally get down to the base of the canyon and come upon the Colorado River with the Pat Tillman Bridge in the background. It is a beautiful view and a great place to stop and have a bite of lunch before you head back up. You will require more strength hiking back up so do take some time to rest at the river's edge before you make the hike back up.

We hiked this trail on November 19th so the trail was in the sun half the time and shade half the time. We started the hike at 10:30 am in the morning so it was in the 60's when we started. Wear a couple layers of clothes that you can peel off and put in your back pack. Since the hike back is a gradual climb in elevation and a lot of climbing you will get warm. I wore light pants to stay cool but protect my legs. If you hike this in the summer, I imagine it would be very hot, but the reward would be taking a dip in the river. We hike fairly regularly and consider ourselves athletic and this trail took us 3 1/2 hours total time when you factor in the waiting time on some of the ropes and our lunch break.

Recommended Gear: Hiking boots and socks, pack water shoes if you want to go in the river or pools. Bathing suit and towel if you want to swim. Suntan lotion, water, snacks and a garbage bag to pack out your items. Hat, sunglasses, tank top, long sleeve and jacket that you can layer. Back pack to hold your belongings. Bring your camera and Go Pro. Many people were wearing gym shoes. That is ok, just be careful with the lack of grip they may provide.

We are fortunate to have many beautiful places to hike in Nevada. I would rate this 4 out of 5.
Have fun and enjoy!

Very hard, but totally worth it

Kicked out butts coming back but my wife and I had a blast

This is a great hike, but really you don't hike. You walk down a river bed to the hot springs and then onto the Colorado river. It's fun climbing all over the rocks, the hot springs are great! The best part is seeing the Colorado River! Only disappointing part is there is SO MUCH trash.

Super fun hike! Be prepared to work! You will literally be repelling down small boulders on the way down, which means you will need to pull yourself back up on the way out, which is part of what makes this such a fun hike! Do not do this hike in the summer time, temperatures in the canyon can exceed 120, no matter what time of year make sure to bring plenty of water!

That being said the hot spring pools are great and the end of the canyon opens up into the Colorado River, it's beautiful! Enjoy!

This was a great hike. Couple of climbs to get your heart rate going but overall pretty easy hike. Make sure to keep taking the trail up the hill to the left after the bell because there is a beautiful view of the Colorado River that is well worth it.

one of the most rewarding hikes ice ever done!

was my first hike at this level. was amazing

did this last week with a friend and my husky we very much enjoy the day there.

Hard 2 find, if u are heading out of vegas, go past hoover dam 4 miles take turn out parking, walk down "gulley". Keep following wash to river. It's worth the hike!