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Lake Mead NRA offers year-round recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, photography, picnicking and sightseeing. It is also home to thousands of desert plants and animals, adapted to survive where rain is scarce and temperatures can soar.

Lots of action! My favorite hike so far in Vegas area.

Nice views and easy. No other hikers on Trail.

Walked across the Dam and even driven across before the bridge was completed. Even entered into the bowels on the tour. Great experience.

Hoover Dam is an engineering wonder; we have taken the elevator down to the generator room before, but this time we walked from the parking lot on the Arizona side of the dam, walked across the dam, up to the visitor center - tours are now $30 - think they used to be $10... so we skipped the tour... then walked up to the stairway to cross the new Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge - another great engineering feat - they built it from both sides and met in the middle with only a 9.5 mm correction needed. Here is a time lapse video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3hAOvkNlRI - also an excellent article on Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_O'Callaghan%E2%80%93Pat_Tillman_Memorial_Bridge. The new bridge spans 1,900 feet across Black Canyon and 900 feet above the Colorado River. Awesome photo opps from the bridge. This is a not to miss experience!

On a recent trip, we stopped on our way from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. We were short on time and unfortunately did not get to take a tour or make the walk up to the new bridge for its incredible view. But we did really enjoy the walk from one of the upper parking lots on the Arizona side all the way across the dam and back. It is a spectacular achievement and an amazing sight!

Beautiful views , walked to Dam and was awesome ! great history.

A nice walk over a well-maintained sand path leads to the Hoover Dam. Great for bike riding with the family or just taking in the view of the lake. The switchbacks leading to the parking structure at the dam offer a nice change-up from the almost completely flat route and it's a great place to walk your dog. All in all a fun place for a stroll or a run if you're looking for limited elevation changes!

The directions will take you about a half mile passed the turnoff to the trail head, although it was pretty easy to figure out that we needed to turn around and take the CHRISTMAS TREE PASS EXIT, from there follow the signs about two miles to a parking area.
We went New Years Eve 2016 and there were a lot of people on the trail, and despite this the back half of the trail was much less trafficked and pretty over grown with thorny bushes. Our clothes got a little snagged.
There are a lot of different little ways to use the trail depending on how difficult you want to make it. I would not suggest this trail to anyone who isn't comfortable climbing big slippery rocks or hiking up steep hills. We brought our husky/shepherd dog and she did really well jumping up and over 5+ foot rocks, but I definitely would not call this trail dog or kid friendly.
Over all though it was a really good hike and we got some incredible views.

wonderful scenic trail for hiking with dog! place is quiet and great for bird watching. we had amusing time. coming back soon!

Out of Shapers w/two pups had a great Hike on Christmas Day....

I've done this hike more times than I can count! :) It is a great trail that provides some nice views of the Colorado River. The hot springs are the best part however! Just be sure, if you have children with you, that you go through the hot springs area first. I've encountered people getting cozy in them before...awkward! Hike fits it's moderate description. Definitely recommend this hike for fall, winter, and spring. I've done this twice in the summer, once when I'm sure it had to be around 120° F, and it was intense! You can refill your bottles in the Colorado, though I'd recommend using a water purifier or drops to be safe. Happy trails! :)

1 month ago

Awesome hike... be prepared to get wet... you must go through the hot springs to get to the river..

Love this hike... a little difficult connecting the hot springs trail to this trail... worth it. Again, expect to get wet if you are doing the loop

this is an easy hike we did the whole thing we parked at the Alan Bible Visitor Center and it was about round-trip 6 miles bring your camera amazing pictures to take. you can't get lost it's very easy. I would say it's fine for kids strollers dogs