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The Kaibab National Forest encompasses most of the Kaibab Plateau, with a boundary bordering Grand Canyon National Park. A visitor center is located at Jacob Lake, 30 miles south and east of Fredonia at the junction of highways US 89A and AZ 67.

Beautiful sights to see, however not recommended to do in the winter or after it rains/snows. It was incredibly muddy and the trail was flooded. We ended up having to cross a lot of streams/rivers and makeshift some bridges to get across and stay on the trail, but it may have just been flooded from all the snow melting and it raining before we went. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time as it is a long trail. The last mile or two of the trail is difficult to find, which we ended up getting slightly lost in the dark and had to truck through some logging land (also very muddy).

However, the waterfalls and scenery was breathtaking and I'd absolutely go again in the dryer months. Definitely recommend going.

18 days ago

I'm sorry Hoang, I misspelled your name.

just did the trail today, and it was GORGEOUS!!! Thanks to Huong, I was able to calculate the time accordingly, thank you.

2 months ago

The loop trail is actually 13 miles from my recording.
A lot of deforestation near the KA Hill. So it is hard to find the trail unless you use All Trails App and follow others recordings to get through that part of the trail.
Once you get to the KA Hill. You get an excellent view of Mt. Humphreys Mountain.
After that hiking to the south side of trail where Sycamore Vista is at. The view is absolutely beautiful.

2 months ago

although rim walk and natural tanks and falls are nice on S side of trail, much of the rest is walking in monotonous third cut forest . warning: near kv hill you lose the trail due to bulldozing work, annoying!!

Great hike. Would have been better in the early fall or spring. Starts out rough levels out, then finishes you off on the last mile. Well worth the views though. Great training for Humphrey's or GC hikes.

The trail is much longer than 7 miles, i think it's about 11 miles round trip. Trail is well maintained and easy to follow. It's not rocky or steep like the elden lookout trail. It is windy up top. The view is beautiful, you can see all the area around when you get to the cabin. And you may have to drive through the dirt road to get to the trailhead. This is my first unexpected long trail, but i still manage to finish it in less than 6 hours. Cheers!

Great hike our devices said it was about 10-11 miles round trip . Counted only 24 people on trail and only 12 that went all the way up to lookout.

Wonderful day hike! Definitely a good workout. Starts out with a decent uphill climb then flattens out. But once you hit that two mile marker, be prepared! Definitely worth it once you get to the top. Would do it again!

on Sycamore Rim Trail

3 months ago

Hiked from Pomeroy Tanks to Sycamore Vista and back. Views at the falls were beautiful. The trail itself is pretty easy, however it does become hard to find in a few areas. Look for stacked rock piles and trail markers on the trees to find the way. Roads to the trailhead(s) are well maintained and marked.


Shorter trail with a lot of beautiful sights. We encountered several cows along the way which our little girls loved.

Beautiful trail and the wildlife made it even better. I wish I would have recorded the trail because it is definitely more than 400 and some feet of elevation gain...

Nice scenery, fun to have cows all around you. If your looking for easy, this is about as easy as they get. Parking is across the highway from the trailhead.

Beautiful hike that was way less crowded than Humphrey's Peak, but still had pretty great views. We added this hike into our plans pretty last minute after we finished the Lava River Cave and were not ready to set up camp. It is longer than 7 miles for sure, but the trail itself is pretty mild--less rocks and difficult sections than you would expect for a peak this high. It is much easier on the knees on the way down than Humphrey's Peak. Since it is located in the forest, it was very easy to find a good place to camp 10 minutes away from the trailhead, although the area surrounding the parking lot is closed to camping.

Lovely trail. I would call this slightly moderate. But it's short and nice to hike on a weekend afternoon. Beautiful after the rain since there are so many different types of mushrooms. Thus my nickname "the mushroom trail"

5 months ago

Very nice hike - as others have mentioned, plenty of things to see and enjoy. Note: The Overland Trail is not as well marked as other foot trails I have hiked.

beautiful trail