This Saguaro National Park trail to Wasson Peak wound through a dry wash (scrambling required!), up along a ridge with incredible views (one pictured here), over a saddle with a spectacular view of Tucson, then up to the peak. Varied terrain with amazing vistas. Definitely recommend!

Very enjoyable walk a great ridge climb followed by a good meandering stroll in the Leigh of the hill. Lots of birds too. We were walking in a group of 5 and all agreed that it was great to do the ridge first and then the valley. A great introduction to the landscape flora and fauna of the Sonoran desert.

And hiking. I did a lot better then the first time I walked it. There were a lot of air sucking moments for me but loved the hike and lots of geocaches.

The path was rocky and your feet hurt by the time you got back down. The second time we walked up the wash which was much easier and a easier climb. There were pictographs on each sides of the walls when you get to one of the large falls in the wash. Just before you get to the choice of walking the trail one way or another. We continued to walk up the wash and take the right split. The left split will take you up the wash and you can spot two of the old mines they used to try and get copper out of. The right wash takes you up another 1/4 mile or so to a path on the right. Although there are a few air sucking climbs, the path turns into a once service road and up to the saddle. Much much easier on your feet then the King Canyon Trail itself.

Great hike, gives you a 360 panoramic view of the area from the top. We didn't actually do the loop but the iPhone said we did about 7.6 miles round trip.

WHEW this was rocky. I'm really not sure how I didn't sprain an ankle. The incline is a little much for a new hiker like myself. BUT I made it to the top and it was 100% worth it. Do this hike on a cooler day.

1 month ago

Challenging hike. Moderate is a good description. Going up the Kings Canyon side is and down Gould Mine was a really fun way to do it. Pay at the visitor center prior. Cards accepted there. Total time, including a short stint on a wrong trail, right at 5 hours. Enjoy the views and rocky terrain!

Great hike!!!!! Took a little under 4 hours round trip.

3 months ago

I agree that this is an easy trail. There's a restroom in the middle of it, which is nice. Saw no one, but it's not a trail that takes you 'away', as signs of civilization are all around you for most of it. Saw lots of hawks.
I recommend this for a quick and easy hike when you don't have much time. Good for beginners.

I don't have much to rate it against since it was my first hike. We hiked across the ridge from the picnic area to the north to the camp grounds to the south. My two year old rode in a back pack for the ride. I think he enjoyed it too. It wasn't too bad, a little rougher than I expected from other reviews. Very enjoyable and beautiful though.

3 months ago

I loved this hike. It took me just under 3 hours on an 80 degree September day. I took the high road, went to Wasson Peak, and turned around, going back the same way. The whole way up is a great incline, and the way down is easy. Can't move too fast due to rocks.
I didn't see one other person. Trail is well marked and no bushwhacking needed, always a plus.