Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters. The spectacular waterfalls and isolated community within the Havasupai Indian Reservation attract thousands of visitors each year. The Havasupai are intimately connected to the water and the land. This blue- green water is sacred to the Havasupai. It flows not only across the land, but also through each tribal member. When you enter their land, you enter their home, their place of origin.

Hike in is intermediate - mostly flat terrain hiking into Havasupai. However, hike out of is difficult towards the end ... last two miles up the trailhead with switchbacks. Bring plenty of water... 3 liters each way.

22 days ago

Literally the most rewarding trip I have gone on so far in my life. You learn a lot about yourself and life and your spirit doing such a beautiful, strenuous, and mentally demanding trip. Keep in mind that the things that are the most worth it are the hardest to accomplish. Words can't describe this trek and it's destination, you have to go for yourself and find out.

Heaven on earth!

Amazing and Challenging!!! Best hike I have ever done.

Just amazing

Really busy on Sunday

Once in a lifetime!!!

2 months ago

A series of switchbacks at the beginning takes you down 2k feet into the grand canyon, yes it is part of the grand canyon! You hike a dry wash all the way to supai village. This was interesting. There are dogs chasing horses at full speed, and mule poop everywhere. The people are friendly, they look you in the eye when you say hello. After the village, the trail gets soft underfoot for the last mile and a half. Take some time at Navajo falls, we didn't and wish we had. But when you first lay eyes on Havasu falls, you nearly fall to your knees from the beauty. Incredible. The campgrounds are "fairly" clean, and the compost toilets do not smell bad. The water provided is coming straight out of a rock, and does not need to be treated. If you think that people at this campground have camping etiquette, think again. People walking through your campsite, peeing behind your tent while shining their headlamps into your tent. Clueless. But this is all secondary to the beauty of the place. It is magical. The ladders down to Mooney falls are No. Joke. I would NOT advise anyone under 14 attempting this descent. I was sketched out because my legs are short and I needed coaching on footholds, and I'm an avid hiker. The chains and ladders are drenched with mud and spray from the falls. Just be careful and go slow. It's a gorgeous hike to Beaver falls. The water is just amazing and warm and so blue!!!

Excellent. Easy to follow. Havaisupai people gentle souls.

This is my favorite place in the world. The hike is tough and extra difficult if you have a full backpack. About 11 miles to campground.

The garden of Eden! This is some of the most picturesque beauty around!

Amazing! A must for your bucket list! Make time to see all the falls and camp out!

This was a tough hike, but worth it. We used Wildland Trekking Company, so we only had to carry day packs. The rocks on the trail are thick. At times it felt like hiking in the snow. The waterfalls and water are beautiful. Mooney Falls is scary. Wear good hiking boots, especially for climbing up and down Mooney, no flip flops! Trekking poles are knee savers for the long hike and especially the climb up Haluapai Hilltop.

3 months ago

Wow. It's pretty hard to describe how amazing this place is. It exceeded all of my expectations. Waterfalls, Sun, Swimming, Rain, and Camping.