The Place Where the West Stays Wild Grand Canyon Parashant's natural splendor provides a sense of solitude to those who venture into its isolated domain. Located on the edge of one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Grand Canyon, the Monument's expansive landscape encompasses a chronicle of natural and cultural history.

Had a great time on this hike, would have liked to done the complete 15 miles but did not have a second car to drop at the point to point. Looked at starting at the Virgin River, from St. George, Utah, travel Interstate 15 toward Mesquite, Nevada to Cedar Pockets rest area/Virgin River Gorge Campground (about 15 miles southwest from St. George) the wilderness lies south of Interstate 15 and the Virgin River.

We started from the first review out of Scenic, AZ on this trail and did not try this second access although BLM Road 1004 was in better condition than BLM 1299 which comes out of AZ.

Alternatively take Interstate 15 to the Black Rock Junction (about six miles southwest of St. George) turn off the freeway and head south on BLM Road 1009 to its junction with BLM Road 1004 (about 20 miles). The wilderness is adjacent to road 1004 for about 10 miles especially to the west of the 1009/1004 junction. The Arizona Strip Field Office has a visitor map which shows wilderness areas and roads in detail.

Drive to Scenic, AZ coming in on Scenic Blvd, turn left on Red Hawk Rd. Follow a few miles to the corral and park. Hike up the dirt road which climbs quickly! This part of the trail is referred to as Elbow Canyon. At about the 4.5 mile mark you 'll come across the remnants of an old homestead and the view back is stunning. Another couple (hard) miles will have you top out. As you go over the hill and the trail turns right, you'll come across an old cabin. If you go left instead, you'll head towards Cougar Springs and then Mount Bangs. It's a great escape from the desert!