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Grand Canyon National Park pretty much speaks for itself; anyone who has been there will know this. For those yet to go, the Grand Canyon will consistently make your jaw drop even for seasoned veterans of the park. It is no wonder it is one of the country's most popular National Parks. With limited time, you can drive along the rim (Most people visit the South Rim, as it is more accessible from many other destinations and has more of the park's highlights). If you are feeling the need to get some exercise, walk along the Rim Trail as long as you want before turning around or taking one of the man free shuttles back to the lodge or the restaurant overlooking the vast canyon. The best way to appreciate the canyon is from the bottom, usually with a trip to the Bright Angel campground along the South Kaibab Trail and the Bright Angel trail. DO NOT attempt a trip to the bottom and back in 1 day. Temperatures at the bottom can reach 110 degrees in the middle of the day, many people suffer from dehydration and heat stroke due to the dry climate. If attempting this (at least 2-day) hike, start very early in the morning to avoid the heat (do not hike between 10 and 2); By starting very early, you also get the added bonus of seeing the sunrise over the canyon walls, which will bring out some of the reddest rock you have ever seen. With more time to spare, there are several Native American reservations with tourist information, as well as several museums and ranger talks about the formation of this immense canyon, the history of its first inhabitants, and how the area is still changing today.

Awesome...... Done as part of a much larger huike.

It was done as part of a much larger backpacking trip. The only downside to hiking the main trails on the south side of the Canyon is what's left behind by the mules as well as the smells in some areas but quite simply you get use to it and enjoy the journey. The last trip in started at the south rim and went rim-rim-rim-rim along with a few side trips for somewhere between 50-60 miles. The north side of Phantom is better simply because all the mules are on the south side of the canyon!!! The is also much less people.

Somewhat crowded this close to the visitor center. It was done as part of a larger backpacking trip.

r2r one day. Pretty difficult, but so beautiful.

Dank. Grand Canyon is pretty spectacular.

Easy walk with great views. Be prepared it's very busy. Also many places that have no railing so watch the kiddos!

I hiked from Bright Angel Lodge to Hermit's Reat, approximately 8 miles in length with some of the most spectacular views of the canyon. Most segments of the trail are paved but those few segments that are now take you very close to the rim. If you don't have the time to go down into the canyon, I recommend this trail. You can take the shuttle back to your starting point.

Great place for picnic lunch

13 days ago

Did south rim to north and then back again 4 years ago... The most awesome hike possible. Took 4 days and enjoyed the views and only took a few hundred pics.

13 days ago

Should be more stars....... Did rim to rim, had a pizza and a couple of beers and back again 4 years ago and it was indeed epic and the greatest hike I've ever done or ever will do... Took 4 days and enjoyed every minute except not being able to sleep at night due to the heat and thinking about the next day........EPIC!

13 days ago

Five stars isn't enough for this hike. Simply the best hike I've ever done. First time a friend and I went down to Bright Angel and spent the night and hiked around a little east for the day and then hiked out the next day, The second time 2 years later we did rim to rim and back again. I was 56 and the time and it will always be my favorite place to hike in the US.

13 days ago

this trail was great and very well maintained. beautiful views, though in places got a bit too narrow, making it hard for another person to pass by.

there are many tourists on this trail, many of which that do not know who has the right of way, so that may slow you down a bit.

Very peaceful and less traveled than other trails. This is a hike and not a stroll around the rim. Watch the ledges if you have kids like us. Beautiful views and plenty of places to eat lunch or read a book. Awesome.

Very easy trail that starts from the visitors center. Great view of the Canyon! A must see. Climb the rock at the end of the trail and get some great pano shots from up there!

The way down is great, steep uphill climb on the way back! Ascends about 2,000 feet in elevation.

what an awesome short trial. It starts with a very easy walk through the forest and gets you to an amazing point of view. open to anyone

This is currently my favorite hike of all time (I'm still young and there's plenty of hiking left in me). The trail is wide and mostly clear, with gorgeous views the whole way down. The views from Plateau Point were AMAZING. When down there, I realized just how much more canyon there was to explore. Can't wait to go back. In preparations for this hike, you will be inundated with warnings about bringing enough food and drinking plenty of water and leaving early. You need to heed these warnings. It is so much hotter at the bottom than at the top.