Welcome to the North Kaibab Ranger District! The district office is located in Fredonia, Arizona, 7 miles south of Kanab, Utah. The district encompasses most of the Kaibab Plateau, with the southern boundary bordering Grand Canyon National Park. A visitor center is located at Jacob Lake, 30 miles south and east of Fredonia at the junction of highways US 89A and AZ 67. Major John Wesley Powell, the famous explorer of the Colorado River, was the first in written record to apply the term

From the mouth of Thunder River/Tapeats Creek, this was an all day hike with a strenuous uphill climb. Not everyone in the group that attempted the hike made it to the spring, where Thunder River gushes full-force from a crack in the rock face. The highlight of the trip was soaking my head in the cascading water just below the springs. It is dramatic if not highly scenic. The trail itself is not highly shaded and, in one flat, passes through a cactus garden. There are no river camps at the confluence with the Colorado River, so we camped about a half mile upstream and then spent the next night at Owl Eyes Camp, almost within sight of the river side trailhead.