Beautiful views. Love the saguaros!

If you only have an hour to hike before sunset, this is the perfect place! The full loop takes about an hour and you can get some great sunset pictures.

Took less than an hour to circumnavigate snd I would rate it as easy. One barely feels like one is getting away from the city, but there are some nice views and cool desert flora and vegetation. When I hike it again, there is apparently a side trail by the southeastern point of the loop that makes the hike a couple of miles longer and also gives access to an optional steep climb up a dry waterfall. There was a sign that stated that beyond this point it is not a forest service maintained trail. That will be my route next time.

2 months ago

Nice hike if you only have an hour. It took me a little less to do the loop. Did not see anyone else. I agree this trail is somewhat less than moderate but the steps (I took the left path) will have you doing good cardio fairly quickly.

Beautiful scenery… The desert was lush and green and the path was a little rocky but not bad. It took me about an hour and 10 minutes to do the loop. Saw a few joggers but most people were just hiking. I would have rated this as an easy hike, not moderate. Great for beginners.

Great trail, really beautiful scenery. The trail is well kept, easy and fun to hike.

5 months ago

perfect height for a beginner like myself was not in very good shape

5 months ago

perfect height for the beginner who's
not in very good shape

Very easy loop, well maintained, not too rocky, nice views.
You can extend the hike by taking small trail at the sign at the top of the loop. This trail is very rocky and steep with big elevation gains.

6 months ago

There were great views of the mountain, and I enjoyed hearing the wind and birds...a nice workout and peaceful trail....I didnt see any other people yesterday.

Not especially difficult, but still a good workout. It's actually split down the middle so there's two sides to choose from. The left side (when facing the mountain) is more difficult but it's got much better views.

I like how close this trail is to where we live and there are decent views of Oro Valley. But it's a little rocky and too close to the cactus for the kids. I'd suggest Catalina park for an easy, fun hike for the kids.

Moderately easy trail with some elevation. Nice views of the valley. Kind of an urban walk. I really took my time andI did it in 1.5 hours taking the long route.

11 months ago

Great views

The loop is a nice easy 2.5 mile hike that can be done with small kids. I took my 7 and 4 yr olds no problem. Its pretty with a little elevation, some birds, and lots of desert plants.

This is not a family hike ...very rocky and inclined....wear good shoes....u will feel great after

Did this trail today. Really nice trail with good views. It took me about 2 hours to do the whole loop with a snack break and taking my time. Its a pretty good workout for someone just starting out like me. There is a nice little parking lot and a trail map at the trailhead with additional parking along the road if needed.

I got to the metal sign at the top of the loop that marks the trail up the peak and decided I wasn't quite ready for that part yet. A gentleman came by and told me he did that part awhile back and it was pretty brutal and at least a half day hike. I'll go back and take a shot at it but not 'til I'm in better shape.

This trail is right off Oracle at Linda Vista with the trailhead just a few hundred ft. after you turn. I'll edit this review when I tackle the trail up the peak.