19 days ago

nice easy walk with some elevation but also had very beautiful scenery of the city and of the catalinas.

We hiked this trail yesterday early in the am and that was the hardest trail I've ever hiked. My friend's knees were giving him a lot of problem so we turned around. Another 15 or 20mins we could have made it. I'll definitely go back in 2 weeks. It's less than 4 miles so I should be able to get to the top. Hard, yes indeed. Some step ups were as high as my waste and I'm only 5.2. Other areas we were on our 4 legs. The trail was VERY tight in some areas and if you are not careful, you would land on a cacti.

22 days ago

Not particularly difficult, but a great place to get in a quick cardio work out. Close to Oro Valley and easy access to trail Head. We have hiked it a couple times our first week after arriving as it is a great training hike as we prepare to advance onto the harder routes. Very quiet and peaceful!

30 days ago

Wonderful vegetation and views. Ridge protects from sun until 9:30ish, so beautiful 'cloudy' lighting that makes everything look richer in hue

1 month ago

First time hiking this trail and we loved it. We are beginner hikers but thought the distance was just right for us. Lots of beautiful views. We saw deer and javelinas.

Such beautiful views but the hike, while listed as hard, was not hard at all. This is a great hike for all ages.

2 months ago

Good views, easy hiking. Great for a relaxing stroll, good views of Pusch Peak & Oro Valley.

Very steep with a lot of loose rocks and unsure footing, sometimes the trail is difficult to stay on as it blends in. Be prepared to put some work in, do not go on this hike if you don't want to get fatigued.

3 months ago

One of my favorite go-to quick cardio hikes. Easy to get to off Oracle and not too many hikers

Beautiful views. Love the saguaros!

5 months ago

If you only have an hour to hike before sunset, this is the perfect place! The full loop takes about an hour and you can get some great sunset pictures.