wild flowers

8 days ago

fun hike, no obvious summit, a bit strenuous for mary and john

Convenient moderate trail.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Really rocky. Meh for mountain biking. Probably better for hiking.

Nice park with easy parking and nice trails. Easy and convenient for anyone living in the West Valley Phoenix area.

Seems easier if you go clockwise. You get the hardest elevation out of the way early. When it's over 100 degrees, I'm all about easier. Nice trail. Well marked and maintained. If you want more than 6 miles, there are numerous side trails.

Great trail, great hike with different levels. so pretty at sunset!

4 months ago

Love this trail

I had been hesitant to check it out, but it was beautiful! the deem hills area has a nice large park and ball fields, a large dog park at the base that leads up into the trail system. the trails were wide, hard packed and well marked. light traffic, moderate levels available.

great views and signature volcanic rock. I'm excited to get back.

Circumference trail is a nice 6.2 mile workout ..

Nice place for a family of mixed ages. They have a playground for the little ones who may not be able to make the trail (due to length), and a nice trail with good views for the older ones. No entrance fee for the park was welcomed as well.

I was visiting on Happy Valley today, so I went to Deem Hills to hike. I had been on the trail before, but today's hike seemed longer than last time. I did 4.2 miles from beginning to end. No tricks to the trails. Mostly it is a long walk, up and down through the desert. There are things to see anyway, including black rocks and lots of cactus. Near the top I saw two hawks swooping along in the wind. First I saw them in the sky, and then I came to their nest on the side of the mountain. It was the opposite mountain, so I didn't have to watch my step. The park was full of soccer parents, but the trail only had a few hikers other than myself. For the most part, I was alone the whole way. A good hike, even if not at all challenging.

6 months ago

Fun running trail. not busy and great views.

Great trail! Beautiful views.

Nice hike. I went on a Friday morning and it was decently crowded which was a bummer. The backside of the mountain however, overlooks undeveloped land, which in Phoenix is a great view!

More hiking then biking I feel like . But it was a good trip .