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Coronado National Memorial commemorates and interprets the significance of Francisco V

nice hike good for kids

Good little hike. It was actually 5.2 miles one way. More moderate than hard. Didn't see a person during the hike on a Saturday which is pretty surprising. If you're in the SV area, have about 5 hours, and want an enjoyable hike up to some beautiful views of the city; make your way up millers peak.

Great hike. The weather can change rapidly so prepare accordingly.

Moderate to difficult hike. Beautiful views, bring rain gear July through October.

Fun trail. Good workout. Try doing the creek bed for some easy rock climbing.

Beautiful views!!! The lookout cabin is not there anymore, it burnt down a few years ago in the last forest fire.

6 months ago

Beautiful hike, great views. Trail was easy to follow. More information here:

on Lutz Canyon Trail

6 months ago

We took Lutz Canyon to get to Miller's Peak. It was beautiful, challenging, and a lot of fun. Bring plenty of water and watch out for rattle snakes!

Quick hike to the top from the parking lot, and a gorgeous view of Mexico.

It's all uphill so be prepared for a small challenge but the views are spectacular. On one side is Mexico and the other is America!

My husband and I took the kids (6&7) on this nice little hike!! It was a lot of fun, and they really enjoyed exploring the cave!! It was a blast :) it is a little steep going up and the kids thought it was kind of hard, but exploring the cave made up for it.

11 months ago

Me and my wife made this hike on 12-19 while spending an evening in Bisbee. It was the most remarkable part of the trip!! I truly loved it. Beautiful views of Mexico and the trail was well maintained. Met up with some fellow hikers who were friendly. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a new trail to explore. Well worth it!!!

I wouldn't really call it a hiking trail; rather, a nice walk. The cave is really awesome. TAKE a flashlight.

Awesome hike, moderately challenging, great views! Trailhead begins in the Montezuma's Pass parking lot, and takes you through countless switchbacks. The summit is easily achieved with 0 climbing required. Set aside around 6 hours for the out-and-back and enjoy the hike!

Did this beautiful hike last weekend. Could not have asked for a better day. Scattered clouds, high 70's - low 80's. Saw maybe 10 others on the trail. About 10.5 miles total with an elevation gain of 2,000 feet. Challenging but very doable; took me about 5 hours and I was taking lots of pictures. Wildflowers galore and the trail was overgrown in some areas but never lost sight of the trail. So green and beautiful. No animals or trash anywhere. I did have to ration my water so make sure you take enough with you. My iPhone indicated I was in Mexico when I was standing on the peak!

1 year ago

Good hike today. We only went up the trail until it crosses the wash and heads up the mountain. The water was running a various spots, but was not running in most places. No trash but we did see the bear dropping mentioned in a previous review.

Nice fun hike. We were surprised how large the cave is. Definitely bring a flashlight to explore!

1 year ago

its a good and challenging hike. There wasnt much trash present when i went (June 2015). parts of the trail severely lack shade (due to past fires) make sure you bring a good hat and a ls shirt. bring 3 liters of water at a minimum! I brought 3l and ran out on the way back down (3/4 near the end). There are signs of predatory animals. Bear scat was directly in the middle of the trail (fresh too) on the backside of the mountain.

Trailhead is (now) well marked, particularly when coming from Ruby. Large brown FS signs for the trail, and for the parking area across the road. There is a left turn onto route 39 about 10 miles down Ruby Road. Route 39 turns to dirt soon after. Lat:31.40493 Lon:-111.14698 (from

The trail itself was well marked and easy to follow. I was glad to have chosen pants and boots, despite the 100F forecast. Beautiful 360 view from the top, around the various weather and communication installations. Cool at the top as well, owing to the steady wind. Past a concrete cistern, and a helicopter landing area near the top. Round trip took right at 4 hours, including lingering at the top for probably 15 minutes.

Fun little hike to take the family on! My kids are 5 and 4 and they were able to traverse the trail AND go in the cave without any problems. Make sure you bring a decent flashlight, its pitch black in the back end of the cave. Also, it looks a little treacherous when you look into the mouth of the cave but its really not that bad.