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9 days ago

A very beautiful hike. Very easy to slightly moderate trail. The path was poorly marked and a lot of people were having trouble toward the end when the path veered back then towards the falls again. Fortunately, there were people on the trail that helped out. The falls were beautiful and worth it. Saw a few squirrels playing at the falls. Noticed the tram ride was $10 - Ouch!!! We didn't take it.

The Agua Caliente Road has been resurfaced as of Summer 2016. Any passenger vehicle can again get access to the Elephant Head and Agua Caliente trail heads.

14 days ago

This hike should be rated as moderate/difficult because it is not easy. A few very short stretches of somewhat flat grades are a relief, but mostly it is a thigh-buster if you're going all the way down to Oak Flat which is 4 miles in. Lots of reliable water from the easily accessible -roaring- creek which you cross a handful of times along the way. So if you want to save some water weight in your pack, know that you can take your filter and refill in several areas. This hike takes you through very lush forest with the sound of the creek to accompany you, and a chance to see wildlife due to very light traffic. Very beautiful!

Did the Super Trail round trip. There is a fork about half way up, there is a tribute to the lost boy scouts, stay right to stay on Super. It is longer than Old Baldy but I enjoyed it, much better views. YmThe hike was amazing. It had rained recently so all the creeks and waterfalls were running pretty good. There is a lot of vegetation growing over the trails so wear pants. I took 4 liters of water, drank 3. The hike is long but worth it. Highly recommended.

Lots of shade with a steady uphill climb. I have done it several times and will definitely do it again.

Great hike lots of water!!! If you go in the next couple of days be ready to get your feet wet. Lots of fun!!!

It is amazing ! ! there was lots of water.. extremly recomended.

26 days ago


on Seven Falls Trail

28 days ago

First of all, the Seven Pools and the falls are straight up 5+ stars spectacularly beautiful... but I would encourage you to do it when the water is flowing. On average, October - April are going to be your best months for this hike. After a rain, the waterfalls and the pools are amazing. And when the water is flowing, you walk along lovely Bear Creek for about 1+ mile of the trail -- in fact, you'll cross over it about 7 different few times so be aware that you might get your feet and shoes refreshingly wet. I'm deducting one star not because of the beauty, but because it's a crowded trail and the signage is poor.

Do understand that Sabino Canyon and Santa Catalina Ranger Station are extremely popular and rather touristy -- which brings in a tremendous amount of traffic. So, if you're crowd adverse, you'll want to avoid this hike or adjust your expectations accordingly.

When I have been there, which has unfortunately only been on the weekends, the parking lot has been packed and actually overflowing. Note that they do charge for parking as well. There is also a grade school with a parking lot about 100 meters past the main entrance on the left that people park at on the weekends for free -- but do so at your own risk as there are signs that say they will tow. However, I've parked here a couple times and have not had a problem or seen anyone get towed... yet.

At the main parking lot the Santa Catalina Ranger Station has a very nice natural wildlife exhibit -- and it's free. Great for inquisitive people from 1 to 100.

Regarding the trail to the Seven Pools, I've read confusing and conflicting information about the distance so let me try to clarify. First of all, the trail to the Seven Falls is named "Bear Canyon Trail, FS #29". FROM the Sabino Canyon / Santa Catalina Ranger Station parking lot, the round-trip hike to the pools and back is about 8.8 miles.

HOWEVER, from the Ranger Station you can purchase a ticket for their shuttle which will take you on a nice little tour of the area. The tour can then drop you off on Bear Canyon Trail, FS #29, BUT about 2 miles closer to the Seven Falls -- and this cuts the round-trip hike distance down to about 4.4 miles -- AS LONG AS you hop back on the shuttle on your return hike. NOTE: If you are counting on catching the shuttle on your way back, be certain to double check their hours of operation as I've heard stories of people missing the last ride out and having to add an extra -- and unexpected -- 2 mile hike at the end of their day. Not that big a deal for some, but if you've got little ones or some older folks -- and if you didn't anticipate the additional water requirement, this can be an issue.

The hike is moderate -- but much of it is also fairly easy. Just be aware that there is a pretty good climb for about the last mile. The total elevation gain from the parking lot is about 1,000 ft. From the shuttle drop off point, the gain is about 700 ft. Also, for some reason, the trail signage is really lousy.

A NOTE ABOUT DOGS: The information from AllTrails regarding dogs on this trail is wrong. Only service dogs are allowed on the trail and the rangers, and the public, enforce this. In fact, if you do bring your service dog, you would be wise to have their service vest on them or you'll probably be explaining yourself many times. I love dogs but this is likely not the best trail to bring them on.

Regarding water, bring about 3 times the amount you think you'll need. Don't end up being "that guy".

In summary, this is a an exceptionally stunning area and it's very understanding regarding why it is so popular. Enjoy!

Lots of fun and some great views of sahuarita! it's pretty much straight uphill there and then a constant down on the way back. there is a little spring up near the top which is nice. path is pretty clearly marked too.

30 days ago

Seven Falls is one of the few places here where you can go swimming!

1 month ago

I hiked this trail on my first trip to Tucson in March. The Eastern side of the trail had a pleasant amount of shade, and it was a fairly easy hands-free hike all the way through. Once we reached the falls, which are quite beautiful and refreshing, climbing up to them to dunk ourselves in the water required climbing through a narrow hole over a very slippery, wet rock. That was the only scary part. No one was hurt the tiniest bit.

1 month ago

I'm new to Tucson and to hiking, but am physically fit. This trail was definitely difficult due to the steep vertical gain. It took me 1.5 hours up, not including a few 5 minute rests. The way down is treacherous. Next time I will use poles. I lost footing several times, and had to slow way down.
Absolutely gorgeous, and well worth it, though!

awesome hike. I can't wait to try it again and make it all the way!

Great hike with the family!