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4 days ago

(Forgot to post my view for last week.)

The hike was peaceful and enjoyable; but it was a little challenging. Then again I did start a bit late. The view coming back in the canyon with the purple and orange-pink sky was my highlight. There is a fee to enter the trail but nothing worth and arm and a leg for, so you're good there.

It's a great location to see wildlife there and walking through the creeks and/or streams was fun. A positive experience for your own use or a family bond; for this particular trail be sure you bring your older kids with you. And if your not able to there are many other trails down there that are much more easier.

Hope to see you on the trails!!!

5 days ago

A great moderate hike and beautiful scenery. Take a lunch and eat while you relax at the pools and waterfalls.

Amazing scenery...great workout!

Gorgeous streams and outstanding views

I have only ridden the bottom half. I rate it as extreme since most of it is loose rocks. The huge storm that hit the nearby town of Safford washed away some of the dirt exposing more rocks.

7 days ago

horseback riding
10 days ago

Coolest place in AZ

This was a really fun hike but the trails in the canyon were poorly labeled. We ended up doing over 8 miles after getting lost. It was a pretty strenuous hike for people that don't live in the mountains, but definitely worth it at the top!

Wonderful hike. Plan to get your feet wet but it's worth the trip. Cross the river several times to get all the way to the end falls. Beautiful scenery like none other in the area. Better than other canyon hikes and I've done a lot in the greater Tucson area.

12 days ago

Amazing hike