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15 hours ago

Ok trail. Well-marked. Nothing too exciting to see here though. It was a fairly easy trail with only a few spots with an incline that might cause you to break a mild sweat. Rocks on the trail are a hazard like most AZ hikes. We went with my dogs on a cloudy Sunday in February, about 35 degrees. We only encountered 3 other people. One runner with his dog off leash, which made me feel better about having mine off leash as the dog approached quickly and far ahead of his owner. Dog was friendly. We encountered a solo hiker who was friendly as he passed and when he had walked several yards past us, screamed to himself something unintelligible. We also encountered one friendly mountain biker. I liked that the trail wasn't heavily travelled as I usually let my dogs off leash and put them on leash as people approach. This gets tiresome on a busy trail. Although I'm sure traffic varies with the season/conditions.

Overall, it was a decent trail. Took us about two hours. But, the scenery is a bit monotonous. No really picturesque views or anything here. You can see the mountains at a few spots. I found several spots in the trail that were needlessly winding. I usually just cut across to save time as there was certainly nothing to see by going the long way. Although you may want to stay on the trail in warmer months in case there may be a snake off trail. I'll probably go again as it was a peaceful hike. If you just want to get out in nature and hike, it's great. Just don't expect any photo ops. I did see a few cougar tracks which was probably the most interesting part.

1 day ago

Really enjoyed this hike it was really hard and it was not always in an incline so that was great!

Fun hike! Moderate climb due in part to one ascent where you need to climb a steep slick rock to continue to the top. Saw hikers of all ages and activity level and everyone seemed to be enjoying the hike and views. Pretty quick up and down

Easy to hike with very nice scenery.

Took my dog for a day hike. Absolutely beautiful views the entire way. Make sure you do the loop by taking Brins Mesa, Cibola Pass, and Jordan. We heard coyotes at the top of the Mesa, and ran into some javelina pigs on the descent through Cibola Pass. Fantastic hike. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Best hike in Sedona. Incredible views and not crowded. You must hike this if you're here

Definitely an easy hike - but loved views and little to no people around so good quiet time alone.

2 days ago

2 days ago