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This hike was very pretty! The views at Chicken Point are excellent. As someone who is not exactly in stellar shape I would call this more of a moderate hike. If you are a bit overweight and don't exercise a ton you can totally do this hike. Just make sure to go with people who are patient and when you can take the time to stop and rest whenever you need to. We packed a lunch and ate and rested and took pictures before we went back down. It took us right at two hours. Enjoy!

1 day ago

4 days ago

Bell Trail leads to The Crack which leads to swimming and cliff jumping. Remote and beautiful area, I try to go 3-4 times a year. Outstanding day trip!

Nice easy scenic family trail. Water and rocks kept the kids occupied.

6 days ago

Great hike and climb. Not too difficult.

Absolutely breathtaking but be warned this is definitely a difficult hike not moderate considering you're scaling a lot of rocks and boulders to get to the top. I happened to go right after it rained so it was especially slippery. Definitely not easy to do with two large cameras strapped to yourself either. If you do make it then be ready for a gorgeous view.

best views in sedona

Nice easy scenic family trail. My 2 & 8 year old had a blast.

Amazing views! Steady uphill. Challenging but not too difficult for decently experienced hikers.

The 360' views are great. There is also an opportunity to visit a vortex while overlooking Sedona and OC. Saw wildlife too, a Javelina crossed our path-pretty cool.

Easy walk, but worth it if you're looking for a cool way to spend a couple hours. The river was fast as we've had rain lately. The red rock cliffs are so pretty.

9 days ago

Only worth it if you go to the arch. My recorded trail map has the way to it. You can climb through the top through the arch and then continue back to the trail as well.

Great views off the peaks and the valley. Just gorgeous. The northern side up / down depending which way you went at it was slippery today. The dogs had a blast.

Hard trail, not meditate, yet very beautiful. Worth it, if ledges and steep climbs don't bother you.

Amazing scenery! I would say the trail is easy to moderate - some uphill and some scrambling over rocks. The part that skirts around coffee pot rock was beyond my comfort level so we doubled back from there and did the extra loop.

Love this trail, great view!

It was close due to rain