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17 hours ago

This was my first time to Sedona and I was in awe of how beautiful it is. Soldiers Pass was breathtaking especially with the snow on the red rocks and the mountains in the distance. Great hike we went early and saw only two other people all hike.

17 hours ago

Great hike. The scenery is amazing. Make sure to go early!!

Really beautiful view up a good ways on Cathedral Rock. Have to climb/scramble to get higher up, watch footing if wet (January). Worth the short climb!

3 days ago

The views on this trail are just stunning. We had the happy accident of getting on the Twin Buttes trail just after beginning Broken Arrow, this took us higher where we were able to take the Hog Wash trail, which is a bit more challenging but very doable and gives you awesome views, back to Broken Arrow towards the end. The Chicken Point views are gorgeous, we got about 10 minutes before a group of Pink Jeeps showed up so we got nice unobstructed views, but the jeeps bring many people and definitely affect the views. We took Broken Arrow the whole way back and were really happy we had done the loop instead. It ended up being about 4.2 miles round trip.

A decent hike I just wish the views were a bit better!

Bring trekking poles if you have them--this one is steep! Make sure you climb all the way up to the saddle between the two big peaks. Best view in Sedona! Watch your step though -- those are some serious cliffs!

This hike was very pretty! The views at Chicken Point are excellent. As someone who is not exactly in stellar shape I would call this more of a moderate hike. If you are a bit overweight and don't exercise a ton you can totally do this hike. Just make sure to go with people who are patient and when you can take the time to stop and rest whenever you need to. We packed a lunch and ate and rested and took pictures before we went back down. It took us right at two hours. Enjoy!

6 days ago

9 days ago

Bell Trail leads to The Crack which leads to swimming and cliff jumping. Remote and beautiful area, I try to go 3-4 times a year. Outstanding day trip!