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4 days ago

Spectacular, like all Sedona trails. A decent bit of uphill but well worth it in the end.

Our hike this morning was full of great surprises. We took the Chicken Point spur - it was worth it! Recommend this hike for all ages.

4 days ago

4 days ago

Like all of Sedona, top class trail. Near civilization, but once you get on the trail you are in the wild. Stunning views and not too difficult to hike. This was our first hike in Sedona and I recommend it as a great start.

A. You will be rewarded with 5 star Views !!
B. Please be Aware this is a switch-back trail with vertical ascent of 1150 ft. In 1.4 miles !! Then after reaching the Saddle, if you continue down the other side,
your descent will feature the same parameters!!
Your reward is Vultee Arch !!
Better be in good shape because the return requires doing it all again, for a total of 5.2 miles !!
C. Giving it the "Hard" rating for good reason.

Nice hike there are parts you will have to climb up with yours hands. Not hard to do. Any one can do it.

Great scenery along the trail!

This was an easy out & back trail. When the trees clear, and you can do some optional climbing at the end of the trail, you get some great views. The end of the trail is what makes this hike worth it.

7 days ago

I'm relatively young and in decent shape and this took me 2.5 hours RT so not that tough imo. Granted I was alone and so I could set my own pace and go fast. Going down was tricky, take care to avoid slipping on sandy rocks. I don't have hiking poles but did come to think that they'd have been helpful here. Note that the Bear MT trailhead is across the street from the parking lot.

Challenging but beautiful. Well worth it.

8 days ago

Fun out n' back hike with an amazing swimming hole at the end and great cliff jumping to boot!