I live the 360 views on the entire valley,but I dislike the constant flow of people thinking this is a running track.

They mean what they say about a tough trail... truly go your own pace.. but worth it when you reach the top..

took our soccer team here for a quick side trip, the group of 15 year old girls enjoyed it very much

8 days ago

Windy at the top

Difficult but worth it

loved this challenging hike . lots of friendly people on the trail. my body was sore for 4 days.

Rough scramble! Great hike!

14 days ago


Visitor to Phoenix for first time. A much younger, good looking guy in fabulous shape tricked me into going on this "hike". Being from the Midwest, I pictured a hike much differently. It is a CLIMB! NONSTOP! I felt like Frodo with every turn.... Looking up at Mordor as it seemed to be further out of reach!
All kidding aside, I DID IT! it took about 1.5 hours but a stellar workout considering I don't workout much.
Just remember it IS a climb!