Great rocky hike. Not typical for these midwesterners

Fantastic hike for anyone but I loved it as a non- local visiting from Washington state. A lot of hand and feet work so balance is helpful on this one for sure. Parking is horrible for this trail. So go early like I did (7am) or late in the day. It's a busy trail is an understatement.

A must do trail. Its 4.7miles if you go back down the opposite side and return. If you go to the top its only 2.6 miles roundtrip. Great views. Climbing up a lot of rocks and hold onto the hand rail.

A city hike / climb that provides a great workout. My (crazy fit) wife and I do this hike to start our day when vacationing in Scottsdale. It's crowded if you don't start first thing and parking bites but we do enjoy it.

Camelback is fun, but it gets busy...parking is very limited. Great view of the valley at the top.

14 days ago

Would consider Echo Canyon side hard but Cholla side moderate. For a city hike, like this much better than Piestawa - parking is bad here too, but the etiquette of the crowds inexplicably seems far better. Take a lot of water. It's worth the views at the top

Trail is hard but worth it when you get to top. Lots of rock climbing to get to the top.

Do this hike all the time! Love the feeling at the top!

It starts off easy and you're wondering how this hike is considered HARD... then you get to the rocks and you begin to climb and climb and you realize this hike isn't as easy as you thought. Bring a lot of water during summer. It's HOT and can become difficult. Bring some gloves, I found myself slipping as I held onto the railing.

Just don't do it in the summer otherwise it's great!