Do this hike all the time! Love the feeling at the top!

It starts off easy and you're wondering how this hike is considered HARD... then you get to the rocks and you begin to climb and climb and you realize this hike isn't as easy as you thought. Bring a lot of water during summer. It's HOT and can become difficult. Bring some gloves, I found myself slipping as I held onto the railing.

Just don't do it in the summer otherwise it's great!

cholla trail was moderate except near the unmarked top. that was difficult

Best hike I have done so far

14 days ago

Great hike. Not too long but with some great structure. Large boulders and scrambles. Unfortunately it rained when we reached the highest point so climbing down was slippery. In all a good trail and something you should follow in the Phoenix area.

Fun hike with lots of traffic. Got there 6:30 Sunday and lot full. Of course downpour 2x but made for great photos but very slippery conditions coming down. Not that tough to be honest and was hoping for more of a workout.

Rapid elevation climb and a lot of fun to free climb. Lots of caves and an excellent view of the entire valley from the summit. Only downside is that the place is absolutely packed and parking is a nightmare.

Great workout!!!

Amazing. Definitely a climb to remember! Go early and bring water!

This is my favorite place to hike! Always intense, but always well worth it!

If you are looking to test your limits and really challenge your body, this is a incredibly satisfying hike. I would highly recommend to anyone who is moderately active. Getting to the top is so worth it; the spectacular view all around. You cannot be disappointed! Highly recommend plenty of water and some high protein snacks. Remember sunscreen.

If your looking for a work out this is the mountain your looking for! The top is amazing in the evening!
Bring your Camelpack!!

Great workout on the north entrance, but too crowded for my taste. Actually like the south entrance hike scenery (white flat rocks that remind you of dinosaur fossils) but the mile walk down the street and thru the neighborhood just to get to the trail is really inconvenient.

Beautiful views. Seem easy at first becomes difficult very quickly. Drink LOTS of water