I hiked the Echo Canyon trail and it was certainly more of a climb than a hike! I usually like to hike in less crowded areas, but this experience was actually really neat! Everyone is so pleasant and encouraging when you pass by, some people are even helpful in the tough areas. It's definitely a strenuous hike and you gain quite a bit of elevation in a very short distance, but it's well worth the view at the summit! This is now one of my new favorite trails, I will be back for sure!

Beautiful from start till finish. Completely different from anything I have hiked in Northern California.

Amazing trail but tons of people on the weekends and in the evenings. Bring lots of water and stay on the trails, and try not to go alone, especially if you are not familiar with the trail.

10 days ago

Great exercise and good views, but always busy. Takes a little over an hour to reach the top

Amazing hike! Must be prepared for rough rock and lizards.

Beautiful hike. Difficult incline for a mile stretch. If you don't feel you can do the entire thing, there is a hand rail installed to help get to the first break point about half way up which offers a very nice view. Needed a moderate amount of hand usage going up and even more going down. Happy hiking!

Very tough, not for the weak! Definitely for experienced hikers. Literally on your hands and knees at some parts...but the view is totally worth it in the end. Bring PLENTY of water and snacks if needed. Probably not a good idea to hike this trail in 90+ degree weather.

1 month ago

Great rocky hike. Not typical for these midwesterners

Fantastic hike for anyone but I loved it as a non- local visiting from Washington state. A lot of hand and feet work so balance is helpful on this one for sure. Parking is horrible for this trail. So go early like I did (7am) or late in the day. It's a busy trail is an understatement.

A must do trail. Its 4.7miles if you go back down the opposite side and return. If you go to the top its only 2.6 miles roundtrip. Great views. Climbing up a lot of rocks and hold onto the hand rail.

A city hike / climb that provides a great workout. My (crazy fit) wife and I do this hike to start our day when vacationing in Scottsdale. It's crowded if you don't start first thing and parking bites but we do enjoy it.