1 month ago

Awesome view when you get to the top. Some sections are a little tricky with steep inclines and you have to use your hands to help. Also lots of loose shale rock so watch your footing.

2 months ago

Great hike. (warning trail is very steep) It took us about an 1 hour 17 min to go up. Recommend 2 one liter water bottles and energy bars for energy. Also I recommend you start the hike early so that you beat the sun.

Not a bad little climb stay left for more ups and downs, go right for more of a constant climb. Great views of Carefree & Cave Creek.

**No sandals, these jagged rocks are unforgiving.

3 months ago

It was a nice change up from mountains I usually climb. Moderate climb with lots of jagged rocks Would do it again.

4 months ago

Great trail. Look for the white spray paint dots to stay on trail. If you're walking on black rocks, you're off trail. I would NOT bring a dog; way too steep.

5 months ago

Very steep. Very rocky. Very primarily. Amazing views. Great hike. Short and sweet, but it will make you work for it.

Great trail! But NOT a easy trail and sometimes hard to know which direction is the right way. Good workout!!

Definitely rocky and not an easy trail. Rock climbing involved closer to the top.

I hiked did this one before I got fit, and it just about killed me. On the other hand, I know relatively fit people who would run it multiple times a week. I highly recommend a hat and lots of water, even in January (it's Arizona, people).

Great workout, although I keep losing the trail.

7 months ago

Not a fan

Did it with my 5 year old son hiking next to me and my 2 year old on my back !! Great hike !!

8 months ago

Steep quickly out of the parking lot!! My wife and I did this hike and didn't make it until our second attempt. She is much on hiking and has a full knee replacement and I didn't want to push it towards the top not knowing what to expect. The day was getting late and the sun sets on the opposite side of the climb and it was going to get cold!! - okay, the hike. Wow, strenuous but worth it. I'd recommend to everyone. Unlike many of the descriptions of the hikes in this area - there is little to call flat- it climbs the entire time. We are in our 50's and the descent actually took more time than the accent - if you are 20-30 that won't make much sense to you!

8 months ago

Whoever rated this trail as easy is crazy! This trail was one of the most intense trails I have ever done. The majority of the trail is not marked and is very rocky. I'm actually glad that the trail was a little crowded because there were multiple times I could've gotten lost if I hadn't seen people further up the mountain. Also, beware of the rocks at the summit! They are sharp! I cut my leg pretty good on one of them. Overall though, this was one of those hikes that when you finish, you feel accomplished and proud. I will definitely do this again! Also, the trail is dog friendly!

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9 months ago

Great panoramic view from the top!