Great easily accessible hike offering good distance and some vertical on the backside. Great scenery of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte but can get crowded on weekends.

Really enjoyed this trail. Actually did the big loop to the courthouse butte loop to add additional distance and for some better views further from the rock formation. Not too difficult, it took us around 2 hours.

2 months ago

The trail is in great condition. Look out for bikes.

did this hike twice in one week during sedona vacation. Hiked with husband and kids, it's very beautiful. It was more difficult the first time, I had to adjust to the higher altitude, by second visit, breathing much easier. Felt so awesome afterwards!

This is one of my favorite trails in Sedona. Well marked trails and a lot less crowded than Bell Rock. The views are beautiful and the trail is easy. Get your camera ready for some beautiful pictures. Get there early for parking is limited. Highly recommend this trail!!

Take this route to challenge yourself. follow the stone markers along path.

Great views. Flat and easy. Well marked. Bell mountain leg was very crowded.

Nice, easy hike. Very pretty views.

This is one of my absolute favorite hikes. The views are stunning and the trail is less congested than the Bell Rock Pathway. Personally, I find the hike to be very easy, with almost no incline and being well-marked. I always do this trail in addition to the Bell Rock Trail.

11 months ago

Great hike. Easy pace.

Easy, steady loop around the rock makes for a day as long as you want with several choices of trails. Made it 4.5 miles around, gorgeous views from all parts. Great for kids!

Great family hike! Lots of people but not overly crowded. Went early on a Sunday morning.

Great for hiking and moderate level for biking.

Great views, easy to moderate trail

A nice walk in a beautiful area. I have been on this trail many times and love the Red Rocks. The best time I went there was several years ago in the snow with my dog! Was a magical experience! The trail is really easy and yields some good photos. Go early as it is really popular.

Trails well marked. I didn't think it was that busy only passed about 5 people on my hike. Quiet serene beautiful views. A nice little hike.

This is one of my favourite trails and I walk it every year I come to Sedona. I would rank it as easy hiking. However the distance always surprises me so maybe it would be a moderate hike based on that. The first mile (or the last depending on which way you walk it) is along the Bell Rock Path Way, This is not a very good section so just do it and get to the real trail. The Bell Rock Path Way is like a dirt road through a overgrown farmer's field. it is rocky in places and can be very hot. It's saving grace is the excellent views it offers of Bell Rock.
The Courthouse Butte Loop trail is excellent. The hike is a good one. Not too strenuous but a great workout. The views of the Courthouse Butte are spectacular and you get the whole 360 degrees as you totally circle it. The views of the valley and the next range of mountains is beautiful. Excellent for picture taking.The thing I like the most is the feeling that you are out in the wilderness. The peace and tranquility are awesome and very calming. I often just sit and enjoy the absolute quiet and the fantastic scenery. If you don't have much time or want to get in shape for more demanding hikes this is an excellent hike to take. Enjoy.

One of my favorite "go to" trails when I don't want to drive far. Took the pictures July 6, 2014 as a monsoon was threatening.

Courthouse Butte Loop is about a 4 mile hike around Courthouse Butte. A lot of the reviews are about bell rock. Also nice.

The loop was a very nice hike. Took some great pictures. Not terribly difficult. Can be easy to get lost because of dried up creeks that look like trails. Just follow the markers, bring some water, and enjoy the sun.