great history to view

Got harder at the end.

7 months ago

This is a very nice and well maintained trail.

rock climbing
1 year ago

My team of two got into some hairy stuff as we blazed off the trail in hopes of making it to the peek...the weather rolled in as we made our way over snow covered boulders, searching for our footing...straddling and crawling over all sizes of rock! Great time...will remember forever!

Great trail for family. Pretty wide trail. Passed a few beaver ponds and their huts. In general we did not run into not see wildlife. Follows the river. Some spots on the trail are washed out. So have waterproof or good hiking boots/shoes to get through some mud and water.

This was really a beautiful place! When we went there, it was raining, but still we had a great time hiking there. I couldn't stop taking pictures!! If you have time, take a tour. It's only $6 per person, and really informative! They take you inside of the buildings, and tell you how they lived, who lived there. It's worth $6 and the time (one hour).