The power-line pass is an easy trail. But the 2 miles to hidden lake are not easy at all if you are out of shape. Took me 3.5 hours to make it to the lake. It's worth every step and plenty of areas to rest with great scenery.

3 months ago

A nice trail if you want to go for a walk and get out of the city while still being in the city.

4 months ago

Pleasant easy-to-moderate hike in Far North Bicentennial Park. Moose along the trail. Nice view of Anchorage below. Lots of bear scat; no bears seen along our path.

Great view of the city. Saw a moose pop out of the bushes

Great walk when we went. Closed now because of wild fire

It's a fun hike. Powerline pass always has gorgeous scenery. The hike is pretty easy, mostly level until the very end. Not one of my favorites in the Anchorage bowl, but it's a good short hike. Usually takes me about 3 hours to complete the whole thing from the parking lot to the lake and back. The terrain is just a rocky/dirt path, fairly easy to navigate.

7 months ago

The last trail marker is not labeled correctly, if you want to go to the peak and see some nice panoramic views of the ocean take the left trail! That's about a 2 mile hike I would say moderate, there are done strap parts.

8 months ago

Sunny, beautiful hike!

we just went to the lake for a view. We didnt hike

Nice easy day hike

1 year ago

Okay so the way me and my friend got up was a much more intense and much quicker way up but the view from the top is incredible. It doesn't matter how you get there just as long as you get to the top to see the amazing view of Anchorage and the mountains across the water. I highly recommend taking this hike