Great short hike right in the beginning of the park. I could see Denali peaking over the top of the range. It was a perfect clear day though. I didn't think it was as hard as the reviews say. I'm not in super great shape, but average. Got to the top in an hour and explored further down the range.

Amazing views of Denali if the skies are clear. Not terribly difficult. See link below for photos.

Go on a clear day. Saw some baby Cubs playing. I love Alaska !!

This hike was awesome. It begins relatively easy but gets much more difficult as it gets higher into alpine. It's lightly trafficked and the view from the overlook is breath-taking. A narrow foot trail continues on for another half mile or so but this summit was well worth it and perfectly enough.

Pretty serious climb. but the view from the top is worth it. The trail is open and just about impossible to miss.

So beautiful and of course very tough. I would recommend dressing in layers and really push all the way to the top because it will be 100% worth it.

Incredible views of the Park. Better populated if your scared off by bear attacks in the park.

I did this hike years ago and I remember it was tough! Views are worth it but it is terribly windy at the top. Be prepared for intense elevation gain and some high exposure in places. Definitely recommend hiking poles.

This was a great workout! The incline was wonderfully challenging, and the view made the effort worthwhile. Only regret was not continuing on to the top of Mt. Healy! Will definitely be returning to this one!

Great view from the top. It gets progressively more difficult.

Beautiful trail, mostly incline on the way up with little level areas, worth the climb, view at the top is grand.

Amazing views of the canyon and surrounding mountains.

Steep but well-maintained trail that offers views of the valley at the entrance to Denali National Park.

The trail is doable with time for this 60 + year old and my wife. Bring water and snacks. Some of the pathways were very close to drop offs. Trekking poles were helpful for balance as well as the hike down the steeper trails. Towards the end a moose blocked the way on the trail. We just waited around the bend avoiding line of sight. Eventually the animal headed into the woods. The view on top
is worth the effort.

As a self-proclaimed couch potato, I thought I was going to pass out a couple of times on the way up because it was so steep but the view was more than worth it. With frequent water breaks while looking out at the progressively more breathtaking views, even I could do it. And if I can, you can as well :)

Switchbacks galore but a great trail nonetheless. The views are outstanding and you have a great chance to see wildlife. We did this trail at the beginning of October and the snow was pretty deep. Great thing to do if you're at Denali in an off season.