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Lovely was trail. I think just shy of a mile to the Falls.

Short walk, about 2 miles round-trip. Relatively easy hike on well maintained trail. If you take the lower path, you'll get a glimpse of the falls from creekside. The best view is from the main trail observation deck. $5 fee to park. Usually crowded in the summer.

8 days ago

It's a very short hike with minimal elevation. Lots of people and even school field trips. We saw salmon down below in the stream which was nice. If you want a leisure stroll this is a good one. If you are looking to get away I'd pick something else.

This is a long hike. Close to 11 miles. Bring plenty of water and a snack for yourself and dog. We took our dog and the boulders at the end are very challenging. I wouldn't take him again. We had a hard time scaling them. Beautiful scenery though.

great hour hike to a beautiful waterfall

10 days ago

very beautiful. only the first maybe 1/2 mile to 3/4 miles is moderate. Otherwise amazing hike!

Beautiful hike!! Like walking in Scotland

Since I have further looked at this I have decided we went down the wrong trail. But we started at the fee station and went up the rather steep incline then went left instead of right. I believe RPT was the right and we went up another very steep trail to the top of the mountain. Just be careful and aware because it was a difficult instead of easy trail to the left. Steep with rocks that were loose. It was still a great trail though definitely challenging with 2 and 4 yr old.

loved it.. very cool

Amazing!!! Backpacked in and stayed the night at the lake, Northern lights and stars were amazing! Next day hiked past the lake and west down the valley, scrambled up the shale pile to be eye level with a glacier. So perfect!

18 days ago

Nice hike, 5.7 mi one-way from the trailhead. Mixed terrain. Beautiful views of Cook Inlet and Turnagain Arm. Easy hike for some. Moderate hike for others.

18 days ago

Moderate-to-difficult compared to other trails nearby. Walking up Mt. Alyeska is a 2,300 foot challenge, but the rewards are fantastic! Views of Turnagain Arm, the 7 glaciers of Girdwood Valley, and the Chugach Mountain range. Enjoy the day, and get out and play!

20 days ago

Went on a bright sunny day! Great views. Time it so you can hit the tunnel right at the 1/2s. Tunnel closes at 3/4s into the hour. Trailhead is immediately on the right after you exit tunnel parking area. Short hike offering wonderful views from the pass on down. Don't forget to stop on the way and look for beavers in the pond just down from the pass!

It was a beautiful hike. The kids and dogs loved it too!

Very easy but great for couples with small children! ❤️

This was my favorite hike in big, beautiful Alaska, which has many amazing hikes. My journey took me from Seward through Fairbanks, which included beautiful Denali. If you love thick, green rain forests like I do, you'll definitely love this trail! I know I did! The hand tram across the gorge is a very nice added bonus as well!

Awesome stop to stretch your legs. Absolutely beautiful