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I've been wanting to go for a low altitude hike to avoid the snow and ice. Decided to check out Williwaw Lakes, and got all that I asked for and more. Gorgeous hike.

2 months ago

Great family hike in easy to access alpine. Marker showing start is incorrect. Follow road to end gate. Trail goes along old road quarter mile before going up to the left near a large waterfall. Map does show but there are two alpine lakes above the waterfall. Higher lake has ice bergs throughout the summer. Brought elementary age girl up for first overnight backpacking trip. Great hiking with snow fields above lakes.

3 months ago

on Thunderbird Falls Trail

3 months ago

3 months ago

in all honesty we didn't hike the trail. we hiked down to the river from the campground, not using the paved area to get to the river. went salmon fishing, saw bears eating down below where we were fishing. the hike we took to the river was down the side of the gorge, at a good 60 degree down angle if not more, and had a blast going to and getting from the river to fish for salmon.

it was OK for a family hike, but it was not anything special.

3 months ago

Easy day hike with beautiful views of Anchorage (first stretch) and chances to encounter Dall sheep.

I hiked this trail October1, 2016. My GPS measured it as 3.75 miles to the near edge of the lake. it was an overcast day, but very calm when I arrived. I got some fantastic reflection pictures because the water was so calm. I hiked about half way to the other end of the lake, and found several good vantage points for photos. The weather started to change, so I turned back at the point where the trail met a large Boulder face. This was elevated and had a view of a water cascade on the opposite side. Not many people on the trail at this time of year, very pleasant.

Very Beautiful. Easy hike for the Fit people out there. Still doable for the worst in shape people.

Decent trail. I wouldn't really consider it a hike - but a nice walk. Trail is well maintained - it is good for the families.

Lovely was trail. I think just shy of a mile to the Falls.

3 months ago

Short walk, about 2 miles round-trip. Relatively easy hike on well maintained trail. If you take the lower path, you'll get a glimpse of the falls from creekside. The best view is from the main trail observation deck. $5 fee to park. Usually crowded in the summer.

4 months ago

It's a very short hike with minimal elevation. Lots of people and even school field trips. We saw salmon down below in the stream which was nice. If you want a leisure stroll this is a good one. If you are looking to get away I'd pick something else.

This is a long hike. Close to 11 miles. Bring plenty of water and a snack for yourself and dog. We took our dog and the boulders at the end are very challenging. I wouldn't take him again. We had a hard time scaling them. Beautiful scenery though.

great hour hike to a beautiful waterfall