First hike, it was a very physical one. Beautiful views from the overlook. Seemed all up hill both ways lol.

There's nothing quite like a true nature hike in the middle of a city. The sunset from the quarry is incredible.

2 months ago

The perfect loop to do in 2 hours with a dog! We loved the view of Birmingham and the incredible quarry. Lots of friendly hikers were enjoying the beautiful fall Sunday, but the trail never seemed crowded.

2 months ago

Parked at the ballpark and hiked straight up to the bluff right at sunset, gorgeous views!!

Love this place and they have many trails to hike. Beautiful!!

This is one of my favorite hikes in the city! Ruffner is Birmingham's best kept secret! This trail offers great views and is a great walk!

trail running
5 months ago

Favorite place for running in the area. There are not many people around because it is fairly hilly. the trails are fun and very different from one another.

Ruffner Mountain is one of the best kept secrets in Birmingham. The quarry trail is moderate in difficulty and the quarry is a good place to explore. A good way to kill a couple of hours enjoying the outdoors.

I've hiked this trail to the overlook probably 10 or more times. It's my favorite in Birmingham. Very easy, but not mindless, especially if you come back up Silent Journey. That'll get your heart rate up. I just went with my Hike It Baby Birmingham group. We got a 5 year old, a 3 year old, a 10 month old, and a 3 month old, plus 4 moms and 2 dads all the way to the overlook within an hour and a half. So, like I said, this trail is easy but not mindless and there are some super beautiful views.

I love everything about Ruffner Mountain. The trails are in great condition, the treehouse is super cool for people of all ages to see the animals, and there is relatively no litter along the trails. I like the quarry trail because it's fairly solitary once you get into the quarry. There are a lot of rocks to climb up on and have lunch or read a book. It's really quiet and peaceful, plus it's really easy.

9 months ago

Awesome. Great leg workout. Fairly easy. We hiked from hilltop to hilltop near the shooting range. Awesome view.

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11 months ago

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