fun trail, at a brisk pace did the loop in about 45 min, some nice views and rock formations.

Pretty decent trail. My only concern is when you're on the 52 trail part and close to the homes. With all the leaves, it's kind of hard to determine the correct path to walk. I believe there should be more signs to direct you so you don't go too close to the homes because you don't know the path

Great local trail, a bit rocky in places.

I enjoyed it a lot. Not to hard not to easy.

Super, great afternoon outing

Down and back up shaded trail over rough terrain. Trails very well marked. River could be dry. Check out some of the small caves. The elevation change could be difficult for some, but the trails are not that long. You could easily hike every trail in the system in an afternoon

very nice small trail very rocky but also challenging.

5 months ago

Experienced hiker difficulty: easy.

Nice trail that does a loop. There's some neat rock formations that you see and walking on the rugged rocky trail is cool. The trail itself doesn't offer a view as you're in the trees the whole time.

-1 star because when I visited the creek at the lowest elevation was dry. Not much you can do about that though.

-1 star because there wasn't too much to see other than the rock formations.

I'd recommend this for a quick lunchtime walk or something. Probably not the best for jogging due to the rocky trail.

6 months ago

Confusing start… parked at pavilion b/c large "Trail" signs point down toward playground behind pavilion. But three large paths lead away from playground. Turns out if you take the trail left from playground you be going clockwise on Loop. Trail to right of playground has lots of small dead end veins. Might have been easier if I'd parked up the hill at the water tower and started counterclockwise from there. Overall great trail, granddaughters enjoyed it.

Very nice trail !!

Great trail was the first trail my wife hiked done great

This is the main loop of the trail system. I like to walk it counterclockwise, going by the water tower first. It is 1.5 miles and easy except for a brief steep rocky stretch going down (counterclockwise on loop) to the Spring. The trail runs along the ridge for first half-mile. Shortly after water tower, side trail to right goes by Balance Rock, a thousands years old rock structure that looks ready to tip over. Side trail rejoins main trail, weaves through beautiful scattered rocks. Trail takes sharp left and crosses over ridge to east/Huntsville facing side. Downhill to the Spring, then uphill to the Rainbow playground, parking lot, and pavillion.
See Land Trust of North Alabama website for detailed map.

8 months ago

Very easy but still gives you a nice workout.

This was the first family hike we went on. Getting older and we are trying to get back into shape. Grandkids loved it too. Who knew there was a bit of paradise in Madison, AL.