I hiked this trail with my 4 and 10 year olds. It's ok for kids. Unfortunately there was not much of water left In The creek so there was no falling water, actually no water at all just some exposed rocks, still pretty though. The fun part is toward the lake with the rocky, narrow and steep trail. I'd love to come back when there is no drought.

1 month ago

unfortunately we got a late start and was on the trail for 2 hours and had to cut our trip to Cheaha falls shelter short... half way in... oh well... there is always another day. thoroughly enjoyed the outing though!

3 months ago

This is my favorite trail in Cheaha! Perfect for day hikes and backpacking. Devil's Den is a must see!

Loved this trail, especially the waterfall that was just a little ways in! Amazing swimming pool at the bottom of the short waterfall with rocks to jump from into it!

4 months ago

loved it. did it as my first overnight camp/hike. was a little tough for a beginner with full camping gear.. but overall it was an excellent trail. scenery is gorgeous. will definitely go again

A moderate and leisurely hike - this trail is one of my favorite go-to hikes with my toddler. Stopping at Cheaha Falls is a great place to cool off in the summer and enjoy a quick snack before heading on towards Devils Den. A great hike any time of the year! During the summer, definitely watch out for (AND RESPECT!) the snakes. They love soaking up the sun on this gorgeous trail as well.

Nice hike! The waterfalls are a joy to view and even better to get into and have a quick swim if the weather is right. The trail is moderate to easy depending on your abilities. Some rocks to traverse and some of the ledges are steep. It wasn't too crowded on the Sunday afternoon that we went. There are places where the tree canopy is very light and the direct sun will make you want to jump in the water too cool off for sure. Had the dog with as well and he enjoyed. But I wouldn't bring smaller dogs unless you want to carry them over some of the rocky areas.

Very entertaining hike as you have several waterfalls to pick from as locations to stop and get in the water or have a lunch. There is a lot of up and down in between if you get away from the lake. Many opportunities to stop and pitch a tent if you are so inclined and spend a little more time enjoying the location.

One of my favorite trails

I love this trail, two lovely waterfalls and some scenic views. Although it is listed as 1.4 miles and it is actually about 3.5-4mi one way.

It was good, but there were some steep rocks to climb over, so I don't recommend it for the elderly or very young. The water falls were beautiful !

Very pretty. Super rocky! Clean, well maintained. I will go back.

Nice waterfall.

Great trip... Very beautiful

11 months ago

A friend and I parked at Turnipseed campground and hiked the Pinhoti trail then turned on to the Skyway trail and then finished up with the Chinnabee Silent trail to make for a big loop. This trail was our favorite of the three (partly because it was storming the day we did the Pinhoti section). The trail was well maintained and easy to follow and it offered some awesome views and amazing waterfalls. The river made for some fun (and cold) swimming. The trail has a couple strenuous parts but overall it is not too difficult. It is definitely a trail that I would like to do again.