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Cheaha State Park is the pinnacle of natural beauty and awe in Alabama. Surrounded by the Talladega National Forest, this foothill of the Appalachian Mountains is the highest point in Alabama. Standing 2,407 ft. above sea level, it is no wonder why the local Creek Indians named this place Chaha, meaning high place. FREE Wireless Internet Access is available

Backpacked here on Nov 25, 2016. Great Trail. With the recent drought the vegetation was certainly suffering. Streams were dry. met several folks that were day hiking but the forest was empty overnight except for us.

LOVED IT! Beautiful views and nice, short hikes. Great for kids and dogs. Very well maintained and marked.

22 days ago

I hiked this trail with my 10 year old and a 4 year old. We absolutely enjoyed this trail! It was very fun and exciting. Unfortunately if you want to get to Cheaha mountain you'd have to walk on the road and we didn't enjoy this as much. The kids enjoyed the playgrounds in the beginning and end of the of the hike.

I hiked several miles along the Pinhoti section of this trail out to Mcdill point. It had some breathtaking views and the trail is rocky along parts. Passed several campsites along the way and the plane crash was a humbling experience especially as i turned around and headed back to realize that part of the plane was in another section. Also took my pup along for the hike.

The beginning of the trail is a little tough for my seven year old due to the slop and the tree roots, but the end is worth every penny. The view was amazing and we have some great pictures of the kids! Just be sure to pay close attention to the red markings on the trees. The trail is pretty easy to follow, but at the end you could make a wrong turn if you are not paying attention.

This was the first trail I have ever done with my family. It was very easy because there is a boardwalk you walk the whole way to Bald Rock. At the end you can stay in the boardwalk or get off and explore the scenes. We opted to explore and then walk back on a trail. It was so easy and we finally found an outdoor activity my seven year old loves!

2 months ago

Beautiful view! There was one point where I lost track of the blazing at the bottom. Go left. Not right. Right goes nowhere!

Cave Creek is a moderately difficult trail mainly due to the loose rocky sections that begin after mile 2. There are several places where you can get confused, they really need to mark the trail. There are signs in the most critical spots though. The best views are on the Pinhoti side of the loop. Most of the camping spots are on that section as well. I camped on McDill Point which is a spectacular spot

Had an amazing day!! The trail was great and the views were breathtaking!!! Sorry for not stopping the GPS when we finished the hike I forgot to stop recording. LOL, I highly recommend this trail and using this app. It helped me make sure we stayed on track and helped us find all the great sites along the trail!!

can you camp anywhere on the trail?

3 months ago

Nice trail

Nice loop with a few outlooks. The leaves we're starting to turn and we had nice weather. Fun to hike a part of the Pinhoti trail.

3 months ago

The view is terrific

3 months ago

A tough one in some spots in the heat of the summer but McDill Overlook is mesmerizing and worth the trip. The plane wreckage makes for an eerie stop. Plenty of scenic spots to camp along the way.

awesome views

fun trip..taking in a few geos. ..