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The Dunlop picnic area has has a little trail behind the picnic area that climbs up past some rocks and trees for a nice view of a waterfall. It's a relatively steep trail for a little kid (lots of stairs) but my 3-year old was able to do it with some help. I'm not quite sure if this trail is open in the winter although it appears on the gatineau park winter trail map.

21 days ago

Pink lake is very pretty on a sunny day - its an unearthly green. The lake feels like a little oasis that's very close to the city of Ottawa.

The main problem with this trail is that its very popular. Don't even think about coming on a Saturday or Sunday around Thanksgiving!

However, if you do catch the trail when its less busy, its a nice walk. The Mica mines along the route are an interesting quirk.

Warning: there are lots of stairs on this trail!

22 days ago

The only Ottawa/Gatineau trail I am aware of that has "ruins" - a turn of the 20th century industrial plant in the middle of the woods next to beautiful rapids/waterfall.

It's a bit of a hike for small kids to get to the ruins but the sight is so interesting and unusual that I think its well worth it (my 6-year old daughter liked it). The trail is shared with mountain bikers.

On the way you get a nice view of Meech lake and pass by some of the infamous nude beaches in this area (watch for the signs!) although I think that might be a relic from the 70s/80s.

I have only been here during the summer/fall walking season but the NCC says its open in the winter for cross country skiing.

22 days ago

The sugarbush trail is a heavily used trail near Chelsea, Quebec.

It's great for young kids in all seasons. In the winter it is one of the only winter walking trails in Gatineau park (most of the other trails are restricted to cross country skiing in the winter). In the spring it blooms with thousands of trilliums. There is a cute little river where you can take some nice photos.

The main downside of this trail (hence the 3-star rating) is that it is a bit too popular for my liking.

This is a very easy hike that most people can do in about an hour. i have been taking my family here for years and my 6 year old can almost run the entire trail in about 40 minutes.

Get there early as it fills up fast and there is no parking. Wonderful family hike.

Very fun hike, but is more difficult in the winter due to slipping on the snow uphill. The trail is still well-maintained. The falls are also covered in a layer of snow and are not visible, but the scenery in the area is nice. Seems to be better-suited for snowshoeing. The Mackenzie King Estate is also closed for the season, as are many of the amenities on the trail (bathrooms only accessible by the car park).

Park at P15 and follow the trial 71 until you hit trail 70. Note P15 is in a different location this year (2016). Then continue south until you hit Healey Shelter. There is a wood stove and plenty of seating.

3 months ago

Good hike, for beginners this might be a bit hard, there some hills but the trail is quite clean of debris

4 months ago

8 months ago

An wonderful,well-kept up trail. It does involve some elevation change; I would consider it easy but those not accustomed to hills might not. The waterfall is beautiful, and there are plenty of spur trails to explore it. Even better, you can get afternoon tea at the Mackenzie-King estate after the hike!