Great trail and views. Don't go on a Sunday. Hoards of people don't allow for much enjoyment.

Great hiking trail along Webster's falls, Tews falls, and dundas peak. There were plenty lookout points hiking up dundas peak.

Good experience hiking around the Tews Falls, Webster Falls and Dundas Peak. The route however from Webster Falls to Tew Falls has been closed permanently, because a portion of the trail is on private land, and the owner has revoked access to the public - so we had to drive to the other trail. It cost $10 for parking, and $5 per person ($20 in total for me) but this did include admission to Tews Falls, Webster Falls and Christie Lake. The trails are not well tagged, and we did end up going too far off the course - thank goodness for google maps.

This trail offers two waterfalls, Tews Falls, and Webster Falls, and a beautiful peek that looks out to Hamilton. Best to hike it in the summer and fall, as the trees cover the city landscape

Fantastic trail

1 year ago

Map was a little confusing, but the waterfalls along the hike were great.

Amazing. Especially with the right friends.

Gorgeous trail.

Awesome hike with kids!

This was a really nice hike with several waterfalls and look outs. The best part was eating lunch on the cliff overlooking the town of Dundas

I grew up in the area. Nothing is better than hiking to Webster's Falls, Tews Falls or the "Dundas Peak"
My opinion, the best time to hike here is in the fall. When you go to the peak you can look over Dundas Valley and see all the trees changing. Another great thing about this trail is there are little hidden trails and you can swim what us kids call the swimming hole.