This Island park was beautiful, and pristine 13 years ago when I first visited it. However now it is dirty, in ill repair, and covered with bird droppings due to the large population of geese. There were no picnic tables when I last visited two years ago in early August. The best thing about this park now is you can park there safely for free, and walk a short distance away to the Niagara greenhouse, and Niagara Falls.

This is a nice "little" trail, its great for taking really young children or wheelchair bound people on to spend an hour or two, but it is definatley not a place where an experinced hiker would want to go for an adventure as it's a pretty flat trail that weaves through some trees and over a shallow pond, however if you are visiting Niagara Falls Canada anyways, you might as well bring a bbq and enjoy some R & R time outdoors at Dufferin Islands.