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Amazing landscape and interesting terrain. The hike isn't particularly strenuous, but some parts require scrambling, especially along the shoreline.

Nice hike, continue on to the grotto.

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The camping at Cyprus Lake isn't terrible, but I have camped else where that has been better. The trail is easy enough, with most of it being boardwalk. You can continue on the trail right to the Grotto. The Grotto is spectacular and the water on the Georgian Bay is very blue. Be cautious in wet weather, and winter as the rocks can be very slippery and icy. It is also highly populated in the summer, which makes it hard to enjoy the true sights of the Grotto.

Absolutely lovely trail alongside Cyprus Lake and on to the Grotto. I highly recommend this trail, and it's not super difficult. A lot of it is boardwalk. Just be careful when you get to the Grotto, the rocks can be slippery in wet weather!

What a great trail, Brian and I started the weekend sleeping in our car and leaving it at little cove. From there we hiked to the grotto area. Along the way there was multiple outcrops for great views and plenty of places to jump in for a quick swim in the incredibly clear water. We spent most of the afternoon jumping off the rocks into the water and going through the cave in the grotto. We had out hammocks for the night, and set up a cove back from the grotto. Very cool spot, beautiful, and secluded from the trail. It began raining at 6am, so we packed up and were the first one's to the grotto that morning. We had breakfast on top of the grotto, but missed the sunrise due to a heavy fog rolling through. We hiked back, almost ran, back to my car at little cove. One of my favorites trails, I will be back next summer

on Cyprus Lake Trail

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One of Ontario's best!!!

I have been here hiking 3 times. It is beautiful with many high look out points, rock beaches and clear water. I have recommended it to many people and they have all loved it. The trails are a good difficulty, they are mainly made from dirt with some rocky areas and have lots of hills to help keep the hike interesting.