Canoe in from David lake to a very open obvious clearing to the west of the point which used to be old campsite 104. You'll follow the portage to Boundary lake make sure to head east when the trail splits. You'll get to the top of two little peaks and see the largest cairns I've ever seen in my life. If your filling up water the only access point is boundary lake as further down its a dried up lake. The major climb starts at the main junction from there you'll be rewarded with fantastic views that kind of come out of nowhere. Make sure grab the geocache under the rock at the peak

3 months ago

The first 500m or so is not a maintained trail but very obvious. The next 7km or so is very flat pretty wide trail. Once you hit the junction at around 7.5km it starts to climb fairly steeply to a beautiful almost 360 degree view at the top!

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