Nette kleine Wanderung. Lange Treppe im Wegverlauf, vom Aussichtspunkt schöner Blick. (der Turm existiert nicht mehr, man sieht nur die Stelle wo er stand).

Loved it!

long trail..moderate difficulty...big staircase...worth the climb..beautiful view !

Nice woodland hike, almost no views though. The trade off is there's lots of wildlife. Proper food hanging is important as well as a healthy respect for moose. Especially bull moose in the fall rut.

3 months ago

My personal favorite of the three backpacking trails in Algonquin. It is two loop options 19 and 25km. Terrain is relatively challenging and a good variety of terrain and backcountry campsites on scenic lakes. I saw several moose on the trail when I completed this trail over two days, and even heard some wolves howling in the foggy morning!

3 months ago

I would give this 3.5 stars if I could. It is a nice backpacking trip, it's good that there are three different loops of differing length to do and two different access points. I enjoyed it as the leaves were changing colors. There were very few people on the trail. It is challenging, many ups and downs, but the downside of the terrain is that there really are no vistas or WOW moments/scenery. Let's face it - most backpackers want a reward for their hard work and sweat. There are some lovely lakes and forest scenery though. The trail is well maintained, as are the campsites. I camped at Rainbow and Maggie Lakes. I personally prefer the Highland backpacking trail over this one.

The trail is long, and I suggest doing the trail early in the morning (6am) as it will be cooler in the summer, and the hardest part of the trail is closer to the beginning of the trail. It can be very difficult at times, and there is lots of stairs. However, the lookout is breath taking, and worth the climb!

8 months ago

A long trail. We went beginning of spring so, there was still a lot of snow, which made the trail that much more difficult. But it was worth it and fun. There is a really nice lake and a water dam.

This trail is fantastic, it has 3 routes all in a loop, a 32, 54 and a 84 kilometer trail. I completed the 32 over 3 days, parts are demanding with elevation changes of 150 feet. My brother and I saw 6 people in mid July 2015 over the entire route, beautiful campsites that are well marked with benches, toilet boxes and firepits at each site. We saw moose and wolf tracks and scat everywhere yet saw no animal's! I would highly recommend this hike and will do it again next summer