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Very nice hike! Did this last year!Everything you can ask for. If you have time, swim at not an falls before you go trek the Boulder portion of the hike. It get hot in the summer. If you look back at the hike, you can see the breathtaking view of the valley! Love this hike! Doing it again this summer

This is more of a 'through a valley hike' lost of variety in terrain. Lots of up and down hiking. The change of forest composition is great between deep cove and Lynn valley. Hard to find the connection at Lynn valley. There are several spots where you can see views.

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I did this hike combined with the Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon. I took the bus from downtown Vancouver to Phibbs Exchange then another to Deep Cove. Painfree and fast. For my return I took the bus from Grouse to Lonsdale then hopped right onto a seabus.

I wore hiking boots for this and was glad of them in the later stages (Fromme & Grouse) when the trail was pretty gnarly - lots of roots & rocks - so good ankle support helped me especially as I was obviously more fatigued here. There were a few patches of mud but nothing too taxing.

There are enough up's to get a sweat on - up from the Lynn Valley Road makes me reminisce about one of a few "kill me now" moments.

Not so much in terms of views bar Quarry Rock and the occasional peek through the trees if that's what you're looking for. I really noticed the changes in flora as I went through several different forests on the different mountains especially the trees. That was really quite wonderful.

The crowds (though minimal as it was midweek) were unsurprisingly at Quarry Rock and Lynn Canyon but not enough to bother me - a school group kindly moved out of my way as I headed up to Quarry Rock.

Parts of this trail are also shared with mountain bikers although I only came across one with his dog on Mt. Fromme, but keep your eyes peeled.

The trail is pretty easy to follow - just keep your eyes out for the BP markers with the fleur de lys as well as signposts dotted along the way (you can also access it on your google maps). The comments made on Vancouver Trails about not being able to locate the trail and heading up to Powerline did not happen to me - the trail was well marked here (may be new?)

You will have to meet up with the trail again along the Lynn Valley road from where you come up from Lynn Canyon. You can detour through the streets to meet back up with it further along but that, in my mind, kind of defeated the purpose.

A great hike!

From my Garmin:
Distance: 15.03 miles/24.19km
Time: 4:26:04
Elevation: 1707 ft

Nice views of the valley and surrounding peaks during the first half. Prepare for a steep, scrambling hike over loose rock for the second leg.

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Had a great hike form the top of Skyline Dr to Lynn Valley Headwaters Park and then down to the Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge. Weather was a bit wet but the trail was in good condition. The creeks and rivers were running large and fast.

The access from Skyline is straight east from the gate and then at the top road that looks like a driveway. The map looks like it should be further along the power-line route but the turn up is right at the switch back.

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easily one of the best trail running trails in Vancouver area. from deep cove to horseshoe bay its a technical and hilly exhilarating 30 miles

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Very nice long trail that allows you to hike all the way from grouse to lyn valley. The first part has a little bit of uphill while the rest are rugged forest tracking plus mountain biking trails. Be careful about daylight if you park your car at grouse and want to do a loopback after reaching lyn valley. Its a solid 16km both ways with decent amount of uphill both ways. Will take 5 hrs easily without resting.

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4 years ago

Good local trail - decent uphill climb for the first third, and plenty of options for different routes if you want to make it longer (next leg of Baden Powell) or steeper (BCMC). Lots of tree roots to climb over but otherwise in great condition. A good trail to build up strength early in the season. Dogs can be offleash throughout.