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Nice easy trail, wide and kid friendly. Brings you right up to the falls, where you WILL get wet. Round trip at moderate pace for us took 1 1/2 hours.

Amazing waterfalls with such power. I bike to the falls on a rainy day in about 25 mins going slow.. Walking takes 45.. Hope you enjoy. Totally worth it!

on Evans Peak Trail

1 month ago

Started hiking late and had to turn around just below the summit. Hopefully it might be worth the trip back for the summit. Not many lookouts on the way up and it is very STEEP with some near pure climbing stretches.

2 months ago

This trail is practically impassable beyond the 10.5km mark as of June 2016. A windstorm blew threw and decimated the trail and the markings that were on the trees. It is very easy to loose your way.

If you're really keen and up for a scramble you could give it a go. A fellow was putting up new ribbon for trail marking, however we decided it was not worth it. Until this is cleaned up (if it is), I would recommend experienced hikers only.

7 months ago

Compared to 6 weeks ago this was a totally different trail! Snow was all but gone except for a few hard patches at the top. Great hike!

7 months ago

Did this trail on March 19th. Started from the West Canyon parking lot at 8:30AM. Hit snow after 2 hrs. I used micro spikes as it was to steep for snowshoes. Reached the summit by 11:20AM. Back at the truck by 1:25PM. Great trip!

Great overnight hike

Amazing hike. Poorly marked past the Gold Creek crossing as you begin to climb the creek leading to the lake however. Lots of old growth cedar past the crossing and small rainbow trout in the creek. Took about 8hrs to get there and 6hrs to get back.

Great hike, not recommended for beginners or those recovering from knee surgery. Did 3/4 of this hike (one way) with two beginners, still awesome despite not being able to get through the whole trail.

Completed this hike for the first timein a day (12hrs round trip including breaks) with my mom back in early September 2014. It was amazing and I can guarantee that I will be back. It's definitely doable as a day hike if you are fit but next time I think I'd like to camp on Panorama Ridge to experience the sunset and sunrise. By doing the hike in a day I felt like I wasn't able to spend enough time enjoying the incredible views from the top as I would have liked to. Overall a steep and strenuous, yet absolutely worth the effort, hike.

Hiked in May, deep snow on the top 3rd of the hike. Very steep incline pretty much the whole time. Need to use your hands at points to prevent sliding down. Tough trail and we had to turn back just short of the peak due to daylight hours and bad conditions. Hope to return in the summer though I have heard the bugs are bad in the summer.
I did not find the trail to be marked very well so be careful not to miss your turn off!
Good luck, it's a tough one... Can't say I really enjoyed it.

The trail is 27k's.
The first ten k's were easy the trail was relatively flat, the last couple k's took just as long as the ten k's due to the vertical climb the trail takes. It was awesome! But, be prepared! The trail mainly follows a creek so there's no fear of going thirsty. Once up at the top you have about an hour to swim in the glacier fed lake before you have to head back. The deeper you go in the trail the older the trees get. There's also some old logging equipment from the 1800's in one area, too deep for scavengers and regular tourists to pilfer. Wear proper hiking foot ware or your feet and the skin around the achilles tendon will be chewed up.