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6 days ago

Last December Golden Ears Provincial park Gate was Closed due to Weather Condition. Our main Goal is to Take a sunrise shot at North Beach of Alouette Lake. But unfortunately, we were not able to bring our snowshoe and the Snow along the way was a little bit deep. So we end up hiking along Alouette lake trail towards South beach. The trail was Ok not recommended hiking with kids during this weather condition. But except for a couple of fallen branches across the trail, It was still easy to navigate because trail markers were everywhere.

Nice easy trail, wide and kid friendly. Brings you right up to the falls, where you WILL get wet. Round trip at moderate pace for us took 1 1/2 hours.

Amazing waterfalls with such power. I bike to the falls on a rainy day in about 25 mins going slow.. Walking takes 45.. Hope you enjoy. Totally worth it!

on Evans Peak Trail

2 months ago

Started hiking late and had to turn around just below the summit. Hopefully it might be worth the trip back for the summit. Not many lookouts on the way up and it is very STEEP with some near pure climbing stretches.

super difficult but the view is absolutley amazing. the summit is very sketchy.

Amazing hike. Great views. Took me and my girlfriend 4.5 hours to get up and 3 to come down. Leave yourself time to hang out at the top. The incline is intense and lasts for about 4 hours of the way up. Recommend this hike on a sunny day!
Our fit bit said it was 27.6 KM when we returned to the car.

Me and my hubby went this morning even if it was raining. Very nice and easy trail!

4 months ago

4 months ago

4 months ago

Went there yesterday July 15. Beautiful challenging hike... Because if clouds there was no view to enjoy on the top. Must do it again on a sunny day.

6 months ago

We hiked the East Canyon Trail from the parking lot until a small fork later into the hike with the East Canyon sign. To turn it into a 7km loop with the we hiked on the small connector trail downhill from here and were treated to some lovely views of the lower falls trail :) all in all a great hike!

7 months ago


Its a slog but offers beautiful views of the Lower Mainland, Blanshard Needle, and panorama views. The bugs are starting to get crazy (we did this trail yesterday) so bug spray.

FYI The actual cairn is towards the Needle. The top is pretty spread out.

This trail is practically impassable beyond the 10.5km mark as of June 2016. A windstorm blew threw and decimated the trail and the markings that were on the trees. It is very easy to loose your way.

If you're really keen and up for a scramble you could give it a go. A fellow was putting up new ribbon for trail marking, however we decided it was not worth it. Until this is cleaned up (if it is), I would recommend experienced hikers only.

8 months ago

Compared to 6 weeks ago this was a totally different trail! Snow was all but gone except for a few hard patches at the top. Great hike!

Amazing trail, went on April 17 2016 and near the peak was just full of snow! Took 8 hours start to finish with a lunch break and with the long way down adding an extra 2kms to the total.