2 months ago

Easy trail around 2 connected lakes. Nice scenery on very even, maintained walkway. Here during the week in September and it was not very crowded but I imagine with its proximity to Victoria it gets really busy in evening and weekends.

If you find yourself here it's a great way to stretch the legs close to the city.


4 months ago

on Thetis Lake Trail

4 months ago

Great. Beautiful forest and magnificent over looks and family and dog friendly

7 months ago

One our family favorites. Nice walk near the city.

8 months ago

This is a great trail early in the morning. Wonderful way to start the day.

While easy, it's a fun walk. I did with a friend this past weekend. We did the loop around the lake and hung out at different lookouts around the lake. It's a nice, peaceful, and serene place to connect with a friend for an extended walk/easy hike and people watching on the lake. The six mile pub is nearby to enjoy a pint after :)

Went on this hike on Victoria Day long weekend and loved it There were many people there but wasn't crowded. It was a fairly easy hike with some steep sections but nothing extreme. I like how you have the option of also circling Upper Theirs lake which adds about 5 km more. It felt longer than the lower lake but had some really beautiful views.
Especially loved how it is an off-leash trail.

2 years ago

Nice little family friendly stroll around a small lake. Heavily populated. No challenges. Beautiful trees.

There are two lakes here, connected at one small point, so you can hike around both or just one. There is also a small hill to hike up on the east side of the park, it has a great view of the lake! There is no sign, just look for a side trail going up a steep slope after you are clear of the main beach. The park allows for dogs to be off leash outisde of the summer months.