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Where the Mountains Meet the Prairie Rugged, windswept mountains rise abruptly out of gentle prairie grassland in spectacular Waterton Lakes National Park. Here, several different ecological regions meet and interact in a landscape shaped by wind, fire, flooding, and abundant plants and wildlife. The park helps protect the unique and unusually diverse physical, biological and cultural resources found in the Crown of the Continent: one of the narrowest places in the Rocky Mountains.

on Red Rock Canyon Trail

21 days ago

Easy and picturesque

My dad took us on this trip ages ago - it must have been in the late 90's. I still remember him jumping bare-butt into the lake and coming up screaming due to the cold. Haha - good memories. Would like to do this one again someday. We were able to get an 'off-road' stroller with a toddler in and out without issues.

22 days ago

I hiked this countless times as a kid. Short but rewarding - great view!!!

This was our last day in Waterton Lakes, so we decided to walk the cold water of the Red Rock Canyon.

28 days ago

This is our hike in the Blakiston Valley, it was a nice relaxing hike, moderate elevation till we reached the 8 KM mark, then the trail started getting steeper, so we headed back. This was supposed to be one of our "relaxing hikes day", so we took it easy. This trail basically followed the creek all the way up.

This was our 2nd hike in the Triple Crown Challenge. The day started in the Town of Waterton, were we took a bus to Cameron Lake, then hiked the trail, all the way back to town. This was another one of my favotite hikes in Waterton Lakes National Park. As we gained elevation until we reached Carthew ridge, then it was downhill from there on, awesome scenery.

This was an easy hike with limited views. The Bertha falls were the half way point and also were most of the tourism stops, because from here on, the real climbing begins.

Our first Of the three Triple Crown Challenge. One of the best trails, we did the Forum Lake trail, up through the ridge, and down to Wall Lake and back to the road.

An awesome hike, straight up, great views of the town from above. There is more to climb after the usual tourist hike, I kept going up for a while longer, it's a manageable scramble, loved it

I rated this a 5 because of its diversity. The hike starts with a 15 min boat ride to trail head. Grizzly bears, steep cliffs with inches of foot room, cables to hang onto, a 10 foot ladder leading to 50 foot narrow tunnel. A big plus is the small group of people on the trail due to limited seating on the boat.

1 month ago

Did this hike in about 8.5 hours today. Scenery was beautiful with the leaves just starting to change. Views up at the lake are stunning.

I wouldn't rate it as easy, more like moderate.

1 month ago

So much fun! Lots of elevation and the ridge/tunnel/chained ridge spot are scary and fun! A must do for sure. The ferry needed to get there is TOO expensive. They know it's the only way so they gouge big time. 25 bucks for a 5 minute boat ride

1 month ago

This is my ultimate favorite trail I've ever experienced. We had absolutely great weather and we will be doing this hike many times again during our life. 5 star trail!

Nice hike, not too hard. Beautiful lake at the top and some nice waterfalls along the way.

A very amazing hike. Great view of Montana, Alberta and most of the hike in BC. Love the scramble over some challenging terrain. Was a fun hike to complete the triple crown of Waterton