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Monterosso to Vernazza. Lovely little beachside hike. Interesting view of the small working vineyards. Crowded with sweaty and huffing tourists. A lot of people talk about the difficulty of this trail, but conditions were what I would consider average, and elevation made it a breeze for this Utahn. Trail was closed from Manarola to Corniglia and Riomaggiore, plus My lovely wife was waiting for me back on the beach in Monterosso. Love the Cinque Terre!!

We started from Portovenere, took the ferry to Monterosso, hiked from Monterroso to Vernazza, ate and swam in Vernazza, hiked to Manarola then took the train to Corniglia and Riomaggiore. Lots of hiking in each town. Great experience.

manarola to corniglia was closed.
corniglia to riomaggiore was closed.

I only hiked from Monterosso to Vernazza and it was a constant stunner. It's legitimately one of the most exhausting hikes, in terms of the trail: it's legitimately straight up stairs for the vast majority of the hike. But it's not without the constant reward of gorgeous views. The ocean was always on one side and even when it isn't, the trail is made more unique by little homes sprinkled throughout the mountainside with grape fields and even a little homeless cat community (make sure you bring snacks for these guys; they'd grearly appreciate it).

At the end of this hike, treat yourself to a glass of red and fresh fish on a patio in Vernazza. One of my greatest memories!

5 months ago

Take the train to Pompeii when you exit the train, buy a ticket for the bus to the off-road bus to take you to the the trail head. the bus picks up in-front of the train station. bus ride is about 10 minute first bus then another 10 -15min on the off road bus. Hike is pretty easy but has a steady grade. There are good views of the gulf of Naples along the way up and at the top. But you don't have to go all the way up.

5 months ago

I visited this area in 2004 but it's one of my all-time favorites among my many travels. Each section between two of the towns is different... some are easy, wide and paved and others are not for the faint of heart (or the clumsy) as they're little more than goat paths along the ocean cliffs. That said, anyone can hike at least a piece of this! Though there are no cars, a train links the five villages, and then I caught a boat down to Porte Venere (not one of the five but the next town over) and walked up and around the castle there. You can hike, and ride, and spend time wandering the cobbled villages and view the amazing terraced vineyards. Make sure you try gelato at a few different shops and take time to sample the amazing wine.

one of the best hikes I've completed. definitely an accomplishment. every second is a song for the eyes.

1 year ago

Very nice and simple hike / walk. I took the cable car to the top from Arabba. The trail starts just off to the left and traverses the side of the mountain to the west where the Viel dal Pan Rifugio is located. It was a nice sunny clear day great view of Marmalade Mountain.

1 year ago

Note that the section of coastal trail from Manarola to Coniglia is closed with no current plan to reopen it anytime soon (as of 25/10/2015). It is the section known as Via dell'Amore.

The views from the top trail are well worth the time and work to get to. Some of the trail between Manarola and Volastra are very narrow with steep drop-offs.

Challenging hike, incredible coastal views, quaint villages with yummy mid-hike treats

Beautiful sights along the Med. My favorite place is Vernazza, best part of the walk is Vernazza to Monterosso. If you're going to be staying in the area, again I'd recommend making Vernazza your home base.

The first day we hiked from Monterosso to Vernaza then onto Corniglia and back on the sea level trail that's the most popular. The views of the Mediterranean were breathtaking. Occasionally we came across someone's home. There were many vineyards and a few waterfalls. The trails were well maintained. It was more challenging than I expected. It's lovely to hike and stop in the little towns for espresso and focaccia. Just carry some water with you.

The second day we took the train to Riomaggiore. (Parts of the sea level trail between the lower towns were closed.) We explored there. Be sure to stop at II Pescato Cucinaton for a paper cone of the days fried fish. We took trail 531 to Manarola. It was steep and full of switch backs. Only 1.3 k, but challenging.

From Manarola, we walked on the sea side trail until we could see Corniglia and the landslides that had closed the trail. If it had been open, the hiking would have been as easy as walking along a boardwalk.

Put this on your bucket list and plan time to explore the charming little towns!

10/10/2007 - Walked from Vernazza to Riomaggiore, then took a boat back up to Monterosso and the train back to Vernazza. Put it on your bucket list. This place is amazing.

Beautiful area with great trails. Highly recommend.

1 year ago

I hiked all 5 towns in one day, but I wish I hadn't!! If you have the opportunity- please take a few days and enjoy eating the amazing seafood and talking to the very interesting coastal natives.