Nice walk lovely views

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Very nice walk for a day trip/picnic

Nice stroll

My own favourite destination here is the native woodland at the end of the point,especially in May, bluebells time. However, people with me are always fascinated by the remains of the Norman settlement. The Lough Ree waterside part of the walk near the start is very scenic. A visit to the old medieval hospital site also very interesting.

Three recent downsides. One is the signage has become damaged or even vanished. Two, some of the direction markers have gone from the wooded area so you may go off trail. Three, due to irresponsibility of dog owners there is a total ban on dogs now. If you are with a dog, even small dog, you will be seen and escorted off of the trail.

We went to the cross and then followed the upper walk. Later on we joined the lower walk to get back. The weather was wonderful and it made all the difference


Very fun! We went a few years ago in April and it was gorgeous. Really was 4 seasons in a day as they say. Hot and humid, then cool and rainy. The hike itself isn't very strenuous, although the trail was washed out in some places and we had to take a detour, but it was still loads of fun. This was awhile back though, so it may be fixed by now. There were two chances to take side trails: one down to a beautiful beach with large cliffs, and one up to a cross overlooking the ocean.

on Kilkee Strand Line

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Spectacular cliff walks

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Nice path along the river

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A beautiful walk, with a gorgeous view of the Atlantic and of the Twelve Bens. Highly recommend as either a drive or a hike.

A nice view of the lake and a good short, easy hike in the gateway to Connemara. To get to the trailhead, I recommend taking the Townee Wood Walk.

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A great, easy walk with a pretty view! It's hiking on a road, so be careful of cars, but hike as far as you want! We went a bit farther so we could actually get to the edge of Lough Corrib.

A great, not too strenuous hike with nice views. When we went, the trail was pretty flooded. In winter, it can sometimes be closed due to bad weather, so be careful about when you do this hike. But overall, though freezing, it was a great experience! We went from Greystones to Bray, but you can do it in either direction (or round-trip, though if you're taking the BART out, you might as well do it one-way because you can take the BART to one end and pick it up again at the other). Loved it!

One of my favorite hikes in Ireland! Connemara is one of the beautiful areas of the country, and the Diamond allows you a fantastic opportunity to see it from a great vantage point. If you're up for the extra challenge, i highly recommend continuing on to the Upper Diamond Hill Trail, but even if you don't, you'll still get a fantastic view without too much exertion.

excellent heritage guide to the wonderful heritage of Ballinrobe

Hi Trail_Kilkenny. My name is Barry, alias thedogdosingstrip. In 1993, while visiting my cousin in Kilkenny ( She and her husband own/run Kytlers Inn) I purchased a mountain-bike for the purpose of cycling about Ireland. Before I left Kilkenny I spent the week prior cycling around the area you have mentioned in your guide. Viewing your guide has brought back so many very-fond memories of the very-beautiful countryside that surrounds Kilkenny. So much so that I was reluctant to leave.
I have decided to connect with you so I can keep up-to-date with your group and your trips/guides.
Keep up the great work.