Best Hiking Trails in Greece

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on Samaria Gorge Trail
6 days ago


Summer 2008 - Incredible trek through the gorge. Trail is beautiful throughout.

on Samaria Gorge Trail
2 months ago


Great and scenic! A beautiful hike! The trail was a little crowed at times but well worth it!

on Samaria Gorge Trail
4 months ago

Steeped in history and a cafe at the trailhead doesn't get much better than that, the gorge was breathtaking.

on Richtis Gorge
3 years ago


Great hike through a Cretan "jungle". Unique scenery for eastern Crete which tends to be very dry. Not difficult at all (had to climb over a couple of boulders but that's pretty much it) and with lots of variety. Old watermills, wild flowers and herbs, LOTS of plane trees, the waterfall and the beach at the end. Took over 600 pics as the gorge is -almost- entirely shaded which gives lots of opportunity for interesting high contrast pics as the light passes through the vegetation.