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Nice walk. Loved both the Louvre and Notre Dame.

1 month ago

This is an easy relaxing trail along a beautiful river south east of France. I use to do it once or twice a year, when the weather is not good enough to go in the near Jura or Alpin mountains, and it is only 40mn from Lyon. We can see a few fishermen, cyclists, runners, and family hikers. There are places to stop for a lunch for instance at Chavanay, on the south part of the loop, or upon departure from Les Roches de Condrieu, or Condrieu. No need to mention also the famous wines: Condrieu and Côtes Roties from this area!

Another route starting from Bougue. A path that connects Bougue and Laglorieuse, first by the east and back by the west, between forest and fields. The hiker will borrow a small portion of the greenway between Mont-de-Marsan and Gabarret. Topo-Guide: Rando Guide n°10 (Marsan) édité par le CG40

From the village of Banos located on a hillside overlooking the Gabas, the hiker crosses corn fields by a sunken path that leads through a forest with various species. Then the route joins Montaut and its viewpoint over the Adour valley and Gabas valley. The return to Banos goes north, takes the old railway of Chalosse, and ends with a climb to the initial promontory. Topo-Guide: Rando Guide n°2 (Chalosse) édité par le CG40

Located on the northern edge of the Upper Chalosse and at the confluence of the Gabas creek and the Adour river, the small village of Toulouzette is the launching point of this hike in the riparian and wetland zone formed by the Adour river. A pond where one can observe mallards, little egrets; then an oxbow lake, then the Adour river. Hikers will then head south and cross the cultivated plateau between the Adour river and the Gabas creek. After crossing the Gabas, the route follows the green path of Chalosse on the hillside of Montaut before joining Toulouzette. Topo-Guide: Rando Guide n°4 (Haute Chalosse) édité par le CG40

2 months ago

A new route starting from the Tilleuls square in Saint-Justin. This very nice trail begins at the edge of a vineyard producing the famous Armagnac brandy, produce of the distillation of white wines. Then the hiker will walk along a small pond that may freeze in winter. After the cross of sauveté, bordering the territories of the clergy, the Church of Douzevielle and its apse of the XI century appears between the pines. Some airials, and the track goes back to the village along the Douze river in the forest.

2 months ago

Start from the church of Bergonce. The walker sinks into the forest world of the Landes forest. Mainly pine wood (maritime pine); the cultivated forest also offers other species: common or tauzin oak, acacia, hazelnut ...
Topo-Guide: Rando Guide n°13 (Petites landes de Roquefort) édité par le CG40

beautiful building to go visit

One of the most astonishing places in Lyon. Not sure why it's rated hard here :)

6 months ago

The Cante coucut circuit starts from the main arcaded square of the village. The hiker crosses a countryside rimmed with alders, oaks and chestnut trees. Here the soil is enriched by sediments left by the Adour river.

6 months ago

Start from the church of Bergonce. The walker sinks into the forest world of the Landes forest. Mainly pine wood (maritime pine); the cultivated forest also offers other species: common or tauzin oak, acacia, hazelnut ...

From the pond of Massy, the walker start his walk in the pine forest and then meets with the Bellevue airial, an urbanized airial crossed by the highway A65. The trail unveils some traditional houses with their typical canopy (estantat).The loop ends with the Massy airial.

Topo-Guide: Rando Guide n°10 (Marsan) édité par le CG40

A Sunday walk in the Petites Landes starting from the town of Geloux, the eponymous river crossing it, rightside tributary of the Midouze. Located in the land of Marsan, the loop provides a tour of airials, a typical landscape of the Landes de Gascogne.

Topo-Guide: Rando Guide n°10 (Marsan) édité par le CG40

A countryside hike through woods and fields south of Laglorieuse in the pays de Marsan. The hiker may spot a hunting tower camouflaged in the forest.

Located on the via Lemovicensis of the Santiago de Compostel pilgrimage, the Romanesque church of St. Candide de Bougue serves as a starting point. A path through woods and fields takes the hiker to the farmhouse of Mégnos as well as its pond. Then the route joins the greenway of Armagnac, popular bike path. Caution during the the wood pigeon hunting season (October-November) and all year for the wild boar hunt.

Another route starting from Notre-Dame de Lussole (or Saint George de Lussole), typical church of Gabardan country. This tour through the pine forest will give the opportunity to observe "maisons landaises" (traditional houses) with their porch roof and wood oven. A section of the route stretches along the old railway line between Bourriot and Gabarret. Hikers can combine this loop with the visit of the sources of Mouncaut or another loop starting from the town of Bergonce.

The loop is located on the municipality of Coudures in Chalosse. The country road leads the hiker to the crossing of the Bas creek, stream flowing into the Gabas river (tributary of the Adour). The route runs along ridges and sometimes allows open views on a rural landscape of cultivated fields, fallow meadows and groves. Then, the hike runs along the hill reservoir of Estela and ends its route by the washhouse and the fountain of Brameloup.

The hiker starts from the old Bourriot train station and gets into a forest environment punctuated by farms with a traditional architecture specific to the Landes massif. The loop connects with the Bergonce village and then heads eastward toward the station. During the mushroom season, the watchful walker may be able to come away with ceps in his bag.