Historic Trails of Rubio Canyon, part I (difficult)

10:00 AM on Monday, January 21

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Here we take advantage of MLK day and visit two rugged and historic trails of Rubio Canyon.

Estimated stats: around 9.5 miles, and 3000' of gain.

The first is the Lone Tree Trail. This trail has been hidden for decades under dense brush- in fact, it is included in John Robinson's Trails of the Angeles in the "Trails that Used to Be" appendix, but recently it has been rebuilt thanks to serious effort by Altadena's trail enthusiasts. There's a reason too: this trail is really beautiful. We will use this to ascend 3000' to Mt Muir. Lunch.

For descent, we will head to Inspiration Point, then start with Castle Canyon, then follow roughly the grade of the Echo Mtn cable-car (the so-called Incline Trail) to get back down to the floor of Rubio Canyon.

These trails are steep and rough, and, in places, non-existant - be prepared. We will have to scramble up and down piddling amounts of rock (around 10' in each direction), but it can be negotiated very safely. This should be regarded as an Advanced hike.

NOTE: i do not have an address for the debris basin. 1000 E Loma Alta shows up correctly in google maps. It should be roughly at the intersection of Camp Huntington Rd and E Loma Alta Dr/Rubio Canyon Rd (it changes name at this point). You can park on the embankment on the south (debris basin side), east of the bridge.

Directions from the 210 Freeway: exit Lake Ave, go N (up-hill) 2.6 mi. Take a R (E) on Altadena Dr for 0.8 mi, and then L (uphill) on small Porter Ave until it ends, at Loma Alta. Turn L (W) on Loma Alta. Now look for the debris basin on your left (chain-link fence, no trespassing signs, and an obvious basin, in 0.6 miles). If you get to the bridge, you've just passed it.