Abasin OPENING Day Wednesday October 17,2012

7:15 AM on Wednesday, October 17

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Event Details

Organizer Boston Mike
Cost Free
Where A-Basin
28194 US Hwy 6
Dillon, CO


Arapahoe Basin Opens for the season Wednesday Oct 17,2012

OPENING DAY Arapahoe Basin - 10/17/2012

Snowboarders / Skiers - Meet at the Wooly Mammoth Lot under the "JJ" sign. (aka Hogback Parking, Dino Lots), Morrison Exit #259 (I-70) U.S. 40 & State Hwy 26, Golden, CO 80401. We will carpool/caravan leaving @ 7:15. Plans are to cluster together and get great parking in the early riser lot (near the beach). If you are up there already, look for us at the Black Mountain Express Chair at 8:30.

If we are lucky we will land a beach spot so be sure to bring your own lunch, lawn chair, spirit, and whatever else. LUNCH at 12:00 in the parking lot New this season, Abasin finally upgraded to RFID technology, which means we will not have to pull passes out of our pockets at the liftline.

CARPOOLING: The best way I have found to organize carpooling is to do it the morning of the event once we meet at the PnR. You will generally see us standing around in a big circle in the parking lot near the JJ sign / light pole this is where we'll find out who is driving, who is riding, who's vehicle is full, who's vehicle has room and connect everyone so nobody has to drive alone.

A suggested donation to your driver is $10 to $15 for a round trip to Abasin. All the drivers have direct gas costs (bigger the car, bigger the gas costs) + wear and tear on the car + car wash after the weekend. However you choose to contribute, it will be appreciated, so if you ride, please be sure to bring cash and chip in.

You can reach me at 720.320.8193 if you have further questions.

Korene aka HardKor

PS - as a reminder most cell phone do not get signal at Abasin.

PnR - Wooly Mammoth Lot
aka Hogback Parking, Dino Lots, Morrison Exit #259
U.S. 40 & State Hwy 26
Golden, CO 80401