Teneriffe/Mt Si loop via Kamikaze Falls

10:30 AM on Tuesday, May 15

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Event Details


Come join me for an adventure up the Kamikaze Falls trail to Teneriffe summit, then across the ridgelines to Mt Si, then back down Si (Old Trail, New Trail or New Trail-connector-Mt Teneriffe Road). Time negotiable as I'd like company- however, I think it best to start in the morning and finish before dark if possible :) We'll pick the carpool location later.

Warning- I haven't done this as a hike before as I haven't ever gone between Teneriffe and Si.... but I'll be carrying multiple maps (each a little different!) and a compass. Total distance will depend on the route we take- 10-12 miles minimum.

Please come adequately supplied for snowy weather and with appropriate survival gear, enough food and water for the day.