BEGINNERS / EASY Backpack: Lost Creek Wilderness -

7:45 AM on Saturday, May 12

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Event Details

Organizer Jeff Dillavou
RSVP Yes (9) / No (13)
Cost Free
Where Pine Junction Park-N-Ride
34330 US Hwy 285
Pine, CO


BEGINNERS / EASY Backpack: Lost Creek Wilderness -

RSVP will open on March 1st -

 Great for Beginners or those who want a Short distance in Hiking.

WE ALSO HAVE ADDED A LONGER TRIP THE SAME DAY - so you have a choice based on your ablility or what you want to do... (note this is a very short hike - !) 

 I have had many comments and request for an easy does it short  BACKPACK


Goose Creek Trail Backpack in the Lost Creek Wilderness

 We will meet at the Pine Junction lot at about 8:00 am we will leave for the trail head ASAP.

  •  To get to this lot, take 285 west from Denver to Pine.
  •  US 285 and Pine Valley Rd.

We can car pool from here if people want. On to the Trail, it is an easy hike. We are hiking only about 1.2 miles in Saturday May 12th and back out on Sunday May 13th.

 This is an ideal backpack for those getting started. We plan to camp in an Area on the South side of the creek, which has many camp sites - We plan to observe Leave No Trace principles so please remember your trowels and trash bags to pack everything back out. Although fires are permitted, firewood can be hard to find. I would recommend a backpacking stove.

This is one of my favorite backpacks. I would highly recommend it for those wishing to bring kids as well.

 Please read the Terms of Understanding/sign up sheet in the Files section This particular backpack trip is open to both adults and children accompanied by adults.

 I would also say that if you’re new to backpacking or just want a very relaxing hike in this is the trip for you. Our destination is the trailhead parking: (I have missed some of the turns in the past – the roads are dirt and bumpy at times but cars will not have a problem on them (other than getting dusty)

TO the trailhead:

  •  Turn right (south) at Pine Junction onto Jefferson County Road # 126 towards Pine and Buffalo Creek.
  •  Drive on County Road #126 a distance of 21.8 miles.
  •  Turn right (south) onto Forest Service Road #211 that leads to Cheesman Lake.
  • After 2 miles turn right again (west at the sign pointing to Goose Creek.)
  • Drive 1.1 miles in westerly direction until you reach a fork in the road.
  • Bear left at the fork and stay on F.-S. Road #211.
  • From this fork drive 5.2 miles to a road intersection just south of Molly Gulch Campground.
  • Turn right and drive 4.7 miles to the Goose Creek Trailhead access road.
  • About half way along this segment you will pass Goose Creek Campground. At the trailhead access sign turn right (north) and drive 1.3 miles to the trailhead parking

We will hike slow, lots of breaks, to take photos, adjust gear/packs, share backpacking ideas.

NOTE: this is winter run off season and so if this poses a problem to the trail or the river crossing... I do have a back up trail in mind. - I will keep everyone informed as the trip gets near. Waiver and Release: Please Note: Anyone attending our trips must sign the Colorado Backpackers and Campers Meet up Group -Terms of Understanding and Signup Sheet

.I will ask EVERYONE who is going to email this form with the information completed for contacts and a written statement acknowledging the understanding – this will act as an electronic signature and enable me to collate the information ahead of time. If you do not email me this we will have to have the form signed at the Meetup location.


If you RSVP Yes for this trip please make sure you can attend. • Please read our RSVP Policy located in our "About" section before RSVP'ing for this trip. • The deadline for changing a "Yes" RSVP to a "No" RSVP is May 1st Carpooling: Yes- can be from Pine Juct. Or Denver or Colo. Springs (post comments to find others to car pool with

Trip Rating:

Scenery:                   3 Great

 Difficulty:                2 -   1.2  miles one way distance and/or 0-1000 feet of elevation gain

 Solitude:                   3 several groups

Trail Length:              1.2 Miles (to Camp site)

 Elevation Gain: -        200 +/- feet going in Elevation

 Range: 8200 - 8100        Expected Temps: 40 night – 70 day - (it has been known to snow this early in the spring – it has got down to freezing) Area usually has afternoon showers

Dogs Allowed: Dogs are allowed – see our file on dog guidelines -

Notice: Additional maps, and information will be sent to all that RSVP Contact:

Trip organizer – Jeff Dillavou – - feel free and emailing me with questions or concerns


I will also be requesting your name, phone # (cell if poss), email address, and emerg. information

 RSVP POLICY The RSVP date –Opens March 1st It is important that you plan to attend a trip that you sign up for as this takes a spot away from someone else. Cancelling during the week of the trip usually results in that space going unused because it takes more than just a few days of advance planning for someone to attend a weekend (or longer) trip with us. We understand that situations sometimes happen at the last minute which prevents you from attending a trip, and we kept that in mind when we established our RSVP Policy. Our RSVP Policy: If you are not able to attend a trip that you signed up for, you must change your "Yes" RSVP at least 2 weeks prior to the trip- the weekend trip is scheduled for a May 12th you must change your May 1st Each member will be allowed 1 exception per year to this policy (this allows for those unexpected, last minute situations). If you change your RSVP to a "No" within 2 weeks of a trip during a particular year, you'll get a friendly reminder that we don't like you to do that. (other considerations maybe taken as if a person the waiting list can take your spot) If you do it a 2nd time there will be restrictions placed on your RSVP abilities and you'll only be allowed to RSVP "Yes" for a trip the day before the trip (assuming there is a spot available) and any other trips you RSVP'd for will be changed to a "No" (you can sign up for them again, 1 day prior to the trip). "No Shows" are subject to immediate RSVP restrictions as these create totally unnecessary problems for the group that's expecting you to show up. – The Group organizer and the trip organizer will discuss the action to be taken.