10:30 AM on Sunday, April 29

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Event Details

Organizer Frank
RSVP Yes (4) / No (3)
Cost Free
Where Raccoon Creek State Park Boat Launch & Rentals
508 Route 30
Clinton, PA




Ready for an exciting morning of kayaking and canoeing? If you are then I invite you to join me for a day of relaxing paddle time and fun picnic with single Meetup friends.

FYI: At 12:30 is a seperate event ADVENTURE 7: PICNIC AT RACCOON STATE PARK followed by a seperate event at 2:00PM ADVENTURE 7: WILDFLOWER RESERVE HIKE AT RACCOON STATE PARK. You can have a full day of adventure!

PADDLE TIME: This is considered an easy paddle on flat water. I will point out animals as I find them including birds, turtles, fish ect. We will leave the dock at 10:30 AM for a two hour nature paddle around the lake.

I have made arrangements again to allow single Meetup members to rent kayaks and canoes for this event-be sure to mention Chris “Kayak Attack” Rishack when renting your boat. Questions about renting a kayak or canoe? Call Larry at 724.513.6740. This is a first come first serve basis with Larry not myself so arrive early.

Boats!: Currently, there are four double kayaks ($10 first hour and $5 additional hours per boat), eight single kayaks ($8 first hour and $4 additional hours per boat), and nine canoes ($8 first hour and $4 additional hours). Canoes can hold up to three people. Try to work out boat buddies online for double kayaks and canoes.

Check In: Please reduce check in time by arrive early, complete the release form and paying as soon as you get to the boat rental. WE LEAVE THE DOCK AT 10:30AM!!!

Don't Know Yak about Kayaing?: I will give a brief lesson on paddeling before we launch and tips when we are on the water.

Got Yak? Please let me know you are bringing your own kayak when you RSVP on Meetup. Unload lakeside then park above the launch site to keep the area clear. The rental launch area is about 20 yards away.

PICNIC AFTER THE PADDLE: PLEASE RSVP on the seperate ADVENTURE 7: RACCOON STATE PARK PICNIC event on this same site. There are picnic table sites very close to the boat launch area which do not require reservations. In the past, people have brought their own nonalcoholic drinks, something to eat and share. To my surprise, the wonderful cooks of past trips came up with a variety of food that goes well beyond chips and salsa! I suggest packing whatever utensils you need, a plate, a cooler, a chair and be ready for fun.

I look forward to having friends join me for this event, enjoying the beautiful scenery and experience I enjoy so much. Participation in this event is at your own discretion. Since we will be on the water, we are expected to follow the regulations set by Raccoon State Park, the Pennsylvania Fish and Game Commission, local and state laws.

Note: This is an adult only event and will be posted on other Meetup sites I am an Event Organizer for with a maximum of 34. RSVPs will be adjusted as needed.


Raccoon State Park

Raccoon Creek State Park
3000 State Route 18
Hookstown, PA 15050-1605
Manager: Al Wasilewski


Kayak and Canoe Rental

Larry at 724.513.6740

PAYMENT: Contact Larry at 724.513.6740 this is a first come first serve basis with Larry and not myself. *This is a weather dependent event and safety is the top priority. If the event has to be cancelled due to unsafe conditions notification will be posted on the Meetup event website by 8AM the day of the event.

DIRECTIONS: Map Meet me at the boat rental launch on the south west side of Raccoon Lake. Park map

SCHEDULE: Check the event website for any updates and changes. We will meet at the boat rental at 10:00AM to get everyone fitted. The paddle around the lake takes about two hours with breaks. The time is really based on how much fun we are having but lunch at a nearby site will be at 12:30PM.

GEARING UP: What to bring: Nonalcoholic drinks, food (I recommend a sandwich, munchies, and fruit) in a soft cooler, hat, sunblock, sun glasses, appropriate clothing layers, water shoes, towel, camera in a water tight bag, and change of clothes.

What not to bring: Don’t take anything you don’t need- besides; deer don’t take Master Card or Visa- or can risk getting wet.