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Event Details

Organizer Laura Hodge
RSVP Yes (7) / No (15)
Cost Free
Where Ocoee Whitewater Center
4400 Hwy 64
Copperhill, TN


This is a first-ever Tennessee Wild hike.  After positioning some vehicles at our ending location, we will start our hike at the Rock Creek Trail and follow that  4 miles to our lunch spot. During lunch, Tennessee Wild's Jeff Hunter will read excerpts from conservation greats John Muir and Aldo Leopold.  After lunch, we will continue in the same direction we came in and climb out of Pressley Cove. At the junction of the Rock Creek Trail and the Benton Mackaye Trail, we will be at the boundary of the NE Little Frog Wilderness addition. After talking about the Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2011, we will head south on the Benton MacKaye Trail and return to our vehicles which will be staged at the Thunder Rock Campground.