Devil's Castle Loop Hike, Little Cottonwood Canyon

8:00 AM on Tuesday, August 30

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Another one of my favorite hikes is around Devil's Castle!! 

We start at the Campground in the Albion Basin, hike up around Devils Castle, then follow the trail over near Sunset Peak, come down to Catherine's Pass trail and back to our cars.  It's about 4 - 5 miles RT loop.

This is weather pending since this is a high altitude hike and we have had some storms lately so we'll watch the skies, but we will be hiking somewhere no matter what.

NOTE:  Beginning Sept. 1, hiking meet up time changes to 8:30 am

We are loving all of this "high altitude hiking", this summer and will continue through September, weather permitting.

Most of our hiking trails in the summer are between 8000 - 12,000 ft. above sea level.

4 - 7 people generally attend our Tuesday hikes.

We finish by 12 noon.

Weekday hikes are generally in the moderate category, so plan on some elevation gain.

Hike as slow or fast as you like.

Leave the hike early OR hike longer, if you prefer. 

Know your own limits and adjust accordingly.

We hike every week of the year on a different trail in the Wasatch Mountains.

Join us each week during the winter months for snowshoeing and/or skiing.

Come often and get acquainted with all of my favorite hiking trails in the Wasatch Mountains!

Bring a camera since the scenery is breathtaking!

Also, bring a hat, snack, and water bottle (1 - 2 liters).

Be prepared for cooler temperatures and possible rain.

Tips on how to be safe, what to bring, photos, and more info on all that we do, go to:

Meeting place is always 6200 So. Wasatch Blvd., far south end of the parking lot

NOTE: Our meeting place is NOT the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, rather one intersection NORTH of it.