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We'll meet and put in at the state ramp next to the post office. Parking and launching are free. Please arrive in time to have your boat in the water by 10:30.

I always like to take a peek at the ocean and poke around Penny Island a little before heading upstream along whichever bank looks more interesting; we'll explore the other on our way back. My destination is usually Duncans Mills, about 7.5 miles after all the peeking and poking, but I rarely make it that far. We'll paddle as far upstream as we care to, taking breaks as necessary and stopping to eat somewhere along the way before heading back to our put-in.

Distance: 7 - 10 miles
Speed: 2.0 - 3.5 mph
Duration: 4 - 5 hours

Minimum Equipment: Kayak, paddle, PFD, whistle. All boats must have flotation - foam bulkheads or flotation bags for sit-insides; pool noodles for sit-on-tops. All kayakers must be prepared to self-rescue in case we become swimmers.

Minimum Skill Level: You must be able to paddle steadily for two miles at a minimum speed of 2.0 mph. You must be able to describe the self-rescue procedure for your boat and have onboard the equipment necessary to perform it.

Bring a good shade hat, sunscreen, drinking water, snacks, and a buoyant outlook!