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Event Details

Organizer Sandy
RSVP Yes (5) / No (8)
Cost Free
Where South Hill Park N Ride
3300 94th Ave East
Puyallup, WA


Final Update: BUMMER-we are going to cancel this meetup. After talking with the ranger, it is suppose to rain 8" or more tonight and tomorrow-Longmire is already without snow. It was snowing at Paradise but the ranger said it was suppose to warm up and rain tomorrow. Snowshoeing in the rain is not fun. Also, not up for hiking in the pouring rain. SO, I am sorry, but we will not be going at all. We hope to be able to snowshoe SOON and will be checking around for places to explore. Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow and listening to the pouring rain. Yikes, we have cabin fever.

UPDATE: I am calling a ranger today but when Mischellean called this week, it is not looking good to snowshoe at Longmire. With the rain, the snow is melting quickly. Also, weather report says heavy rain and snow level going up to 8000'. So, if you are renting locally, you may want to wait and rent at Whittikers. We may be going up to Paradise or this might turn into a hike at lower level. The weather is not co operating. Where is that cold and massive snow that has been predicted for our winter? So, check back this afternoon, after I talk with ranger. Sorry, but that's Mother Nature.

Dust off or rent snowshoes and join us for some fun in the snow. This is NOT a destination trek. We plan to snowshoe until we are tired, stop to eat lunch and then return. Where we go, depends on the snow level and conditions. We do plan to try one of the lower trails close to Longmire. Perhaps, West Side Road, Katz Creek, Rampart, Cougar campground or the trail behind the dorms. We do not want to go to Paradise.
If you are coming from Tacoma or further south, you might want to carpool and take 7 to the Park. We can meet at Whittikers in Ashford at 9AM. If you need to rent snowshoes, you can do it there or somewhere near your home. We won't be stopping at Longmire to rent. Last year, Whittikers charged $14 or so for poles and snowshoes.
Remember that weather changes quickly at Rainier so be prepared. For new snowshoers, wear comfortable boots that are waterproof,dress in layers, bring shoes to change into after snowshoeing, plastic bag for wet boots/clothes, 10 essentials, plenty of water and food, a full tank of gas, Rainier pass, $ for driver, a sense of humor and adventure.
RSVP ONLY if you are joining us and if you are carpooling to Puyallup or somewhere else.