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Event Details

Organizer Charity Marie
RSVP Yes (24) / No (28)
Cost Free
Where Tamarack Cabin Bald Mtn
Harmon Road
Orion, MI


We have one of the Tamarack Cabins at Bald Mountain For the weekend. I would like to host"a day at Bald Mountain". I will lead a hike starting at 11:00 am. You can come up for the day, hang around the fire (yes, we'll have a roaring fire all day), go on a hike, bring your bikes or kayaks, or any other outdoor games you like. The venue, hot lunch, and soft drinks will be provided. Also some beer, but recommend you bring your own adult beverages. Cost for the day is just $5.00.

As I mentioned, we have the cabin for the weekend. I will post a separate meetup event for those who would like to stay overnight.