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Spring has come, and I have come out of my cave! I will start setting up more hikes now. Looks like Dennis has some great ideas planned for the year ahead.

I'm curious to see how high the resevoir is! Most of the trails are far from the water, so no need for water wings.

A beautiful trail, some wonderful picutres can be found here. If the weather is nice this will be a busy spot. There should be some up or down so where good shoes. I'd like to do both trails, but we can decide when we reach the linking rail. The Woodpecker trail takes 40 minutes, and the Squire Point an hour.

These two trails connect to form a network of trails totaling five miles. The Woodpecker Nature Trail entrance is located by the Linder Point Recreation Area in the Dam Complex area off of Dubuque Street. The Squire Point Trail is located north of the dam off of Dubuque Street. These two multi-use trail systems wind through mixed hardwoods and various types of wildflowers, which afford spectacular views of Coralville Lake from its limestone outcrops. Two bridges along the trail overlook a shallow stream and tree lined coves.

The Woodpecker Nature Trail is a self-guided trail system. At the beginning of this trail is a brochure available to follow along on some of the marked stops of the trail. See map for the stop locations on the trail. For a description of the trail stops go to Woodpecker Trail Stops. The 3/4 mile section of the trial is host to numerous field trips during the spring and fall seasons. Walking time is approximately 40 minutes for the average hiker.

Trail Map