Great short trail, beautiful lake surrounding by mountains. Perfect for lunch.
Don't forget to go a little further to see the elephant rocks.

Chester Lake hike is a lovely hike. We were in no hurry so it took us 2 hours to arrive at the lake and just over 1 hour to hike back down.

Bonus, there is an outhouse at the top near the lake.

26 days ago

The hike is not bad and the end is really gorgeous! Also came across a grizzly... busy digging and did not care about the 30 or so people watching it from afar. Most of the elevation gain at the beginning. Started really early (early as in we were the first car in the lot) and then came back with the lot overflowing. Really popular trail!

28 days ago

This is a beautiful trail! I went when the larches were all changing colours for fall and it was stunning. It's a short easy trek up to the lake and then the elephant rocks are just a few 100m away. You can keep going past the rocks to the 3 lakes which gets a little more challenging but is very worth it. Round trip to the first lake was about 4hr with stopping to climb the rocks and eat lunch. I would rate this as an easy-moderate hike definitely good for kids and dogs.

Great if you want a workout but at 2800 ft climbing over 1.8 miles it is nearly 30% average grade and feels like it. Not the most enjoyable due to the effort. Great views at top but throngs of people there from the gondola lift. Extremely crowded trail as its a "thing" in Vancouver.

I did this one a few months ago it was awfull...never again!thers other trails one can do,instead of having to run into people all the way up,that looked like theyr ready to passed out!!im in great shape and I must say if you have heart or blood pressure problems or knee surgeries Dnt even think about it.Good luck!

Great easy/moderate hike! Beautiful hiking through the wooded forest. Keep going to Elephant Rocks - awesome! Then keep going to next lake. Beautiful larch trees in the fall.
Great hike for families.

Great trail, never crowded, very quiet and peaceful. Great for all levels of skill, trails are well marked and easy to follow.

1 month ago

I really enjoy this trail because of the stairs. I wish it were less busy though.